Easy Allies Top 10s

  • @brannox said in Easy Allies Top 10s:

    I'm EXTREMELY glad Youtube allows for viewers to scrub through so I could see all the video before being jump-scared.

    Whaaat. Spoiling yourself like that, why do it?

  • @sentinel-beach Because I DON'T do horror/scary/etc. types of things, regardless of medium in part because I'm a wuss and in part of me absolutely NOT understanding why others enjoy having the ever loving (insert personal preferable noun here) scared out of them.

    So, while I may have tripped up knowing the order, I expected a lot of the entries before clicking the video, and I REFUSE to succumb to frights if the option of seeing anything coming is given to me.

    Thankfully, I don't foresee a fright focused topic for the next countdown, so I shouldn't have to scrub on the next one.

  • While I personally don't like number one or number seven at all, I can't fault someone for finding them scary. Played nearly everything on this list, woopwoop.

  • Thankfully this list does not seem nearly as polarizing as the last few have been. Hopefully the arguments in the comments are kept to a minimum, because some of the shit people were saying last time was... something else.

  • Yeah, no complaints with the list, though the "honorable mention" on DokiDoki Lit Club would have made my personal list, I guess it's not as traditionally scary as other things on there.

  • New Top 10 is extremely on point. I’d rearrange the order a bit where I think Alien Isolation should be Top 3 but that’s just my opinion.

    My roommate says trial and error makes Outlast lose most of its terror so he’d probably put it lower, but I generally got the itch to try some of these games that EZA listed and friends/coworkers have recommended over the years.

  • November 2018
    Top 10 Most Underappreciated Pokémon

    Youtube Video

    Special episode with Kyle!

    ...would have liked a normal one better, to be honest. The production value was dearly missed. Well, at least #1 made me laugh.

  • The censored faces of the Allies near the end caught me off guard, lol.

  • A decent list, but a personal miss. As someone who dropped out after Gen 3, I was pleasantly surprised that I recognized most of the entries though.

  • I seem to be in the minority here, but I'd honestly prefer this style of list going forward. Sure, there's no Jones narration or B-roll, but instead we get to understand the inner workings of why the list was created on a much more personal level. I'd love to see some of the other allies take a swing at some lists using this style.

  • I think y'all are tripping this is their best top 10 yet

  • Ya, I adored that video. I know very little about maybe 400 or so of the Pokemon now but I loved seeing some familiar ones and the explanation for each one.

    I'd be totally fine with more videos like this.

  • While I don't play the series, I'm pretty much in agreement with the new list. HOWEVER, I do think

    Wolf is the most deserving from the ten and Pichu's inclusion on this list isn't the character's fault, its the design decision behind it.

  • December 2018
    Top 10 Characters Who Don't Deserve to be in Smash

    Youtube Video

    Perfect idea for the month, this should get some views.

  • If Lyn is in there, then fuck anyone who made that list.

  • @sacred-arfaid Maybe next time instead of saying "fuck anyone who made that list", actually watch the video and don't take these things so seriously.

    There's really no need for a kneejerk post about something you didn't even watch.

  • Spare me your advice. All it does it comes across as patronizing.

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    @sacred-arfaid OR, you can see that @tokeeffe9 just gave you a recommendation and chill out a bit, instead of trying to come across as the "cool" guy.

  • I didn't ask either of your for any recommendations. Neither of your comments are helpful to anyone and come across as confrontational.

  • @sacred-arfaid you didn't ask for my advice either, but the mods are simply asking you to cool it down a bit dude, and the only one that has been confrontational here is you