Easy Allies Top 10s

  • Ya, I adored that video. I know very little about maybe 400 or so of the Pokemon now but I loved seeing some familiar ones and the explanation for each one.

    I'd be totally fine with more videos like this.

  • While I don't play the series, I'm pretty much in agreement with the new list. HOWEVER, I do think

    Wolf is the most deserving from the ten and Pichu's inclusion on this list isn't the character's fault, its the design decision behind it.

  • December 2018
    Top 10 Characters Who Don't Deserve to be in Smash

    Youtube Video

    Perfect idea for the month, this should get some views.

  • If Lyn is in there, then fuck anyone who made that list.

  • @sacred-arfaid Maybe next time instead of saying "fuck anyone who made that list", actually watch the video and don't take these things so seriously.

    There's really no need for a kneejerk post about something you didn't even watch.

  • Spare me your advice. All it does it comes across as patronizing.

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    @sacred-arfaid OR, you can see that @tokeeffe9 just gave you a recommendation and chill out a bit, instead of trying to come across as the "cool" guy.

  • I didn't ask either of your for any recommendations. Neither of your comments are helpful to anyone and come across as confrontational.

  • @sacred-arfaid you didn't ask for my advice either, but the mods are simply asking you to cool it down a bit dude, and the only one that has been confrontational here is you

  • But there was no need to do they UNTIL they started responding to me. Not to mention that there language and word choice doesn't really help with cooling people down. They literally are confronting me over nothing.

  • Thanks everyone for the feedback however we're going a bit off topic. If anyone wants to speak about the last few comments, please DM me.

    Regarding the list, I need to start playing Ultimate to get a good idea on these characters. I kinda like Wolf being in the game.

  • January 2019
    Top 10 Castles - Easy Allies

    Youtube Video

    A bit boring subject this time, I felt. Propably because all of the entries came from such familiar and big games and series. I don't know. Well put together, anyway.

  • This is a very good topic, and I agree with numbers 9, 8, and 6, but the top 3 are no-brainers. Of those six, I guess my favorite would have to be number 3 because there's more to it than any of the other entries on the list.

  • Don't think I can rock with them and the top tens. Even back in the GT day, top 10 were the source of some of my biggest disappointments with them.

  • I would love it if we knew what the stipulations are for good castles. The Uncharted games have great castles that have been in ruin which are great in their own ways.

    What about Frank Castle

  • I would have started a riot if number one wasn't number one.

  • February 2019
    Top 10 Video Game Composers - Easy Allies

    Youtube Video

  • Haven't watched yet but I'm prepared to be disappointed when the actual #1, Hideki Naganuma, ends up being a no-show.

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    SO many good composers out there. I must say I quite agreed with the list this time around, even though I would of liked to see Keiichi Okabe on there after how much the Nier Automata soundtrack impacted me, and the fact that I still listen to it on a regular basis.

  • I think I enjoyed this top 10 more than any other to date, because getting to sit back and listen is wonderful.

    At entry #6, I'm recently familiar with that person because I had just seen them during the DICE awards.

    #5 was obviously going to show, but while I was initially surprised it felt a little low, the following four entries were no brainers.

    And full bias speaking: I really was hoping to see who ended up at #4 be in the top three, but hey, still beautiful music regardless.

    The top two are exactly the two you're thinking of. But I was quite pleasantly surprised with the order.