Easy Allies Top 10s

  • I try not to get upset about top whatever lists since it's all just personal opinions, but having a third of the list come from a single game really feels like overkill. And while I could think of a lot of towns I personally liked more than some on this list, there's one glaring omission that honestly I'm half convinced isn't on the list solely because they didn't have b-roll for it.

  • Well it certainly sparked a discussion.

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    Not sure how to feel about the last video. Sure it had some solid entries, but I feel that there are some franchises that got looked over here.

  • So glad I read the comments before going to deep in to that list.

  • Best towns, aw yeah! I bet there's some Final Fantasy on here since the fellas are always talking about it. Huber and his love of Dragon Quest? Bet there's a town on here! Silent Hill, whew, almost one of the greats, I'm sure it has to be on here. Persona, Chrono Trigger, Ni No Kuni, maybe even something more obscure like Xenogears has a chance of showing up!

    Oh, nearly half of the list is nothing but Zelda towns and major franchises got overlooked? Cool....

    I really wasn't missing their top 10s from back in the day, but some of them were fun and so far have at least been entertaining. This is absolutely lazy to a really mind-blowing degree. I'd rather them postpone the video to brainstorm more or enact a "1 per game" rule because this just feels so lackluster overall.

  • I disagreed with the list for the same reason as just about everyone else, but still liked the video. Was a nice surprise for me to start my morning.

  • At least the thumbnail is accurate. Hehehe

  • I, too, found the idea really neat, and the video was fun to watch as a produced item, but yeah, Breath of the Wild hogging so many spots feels really weird. This would've needed the guys to explore their memories a lot more. There are tons of adventure games and RPGs out there. And even something out of left field, like The Last of Us and Bill's Town. Aaaaand with ND I just remembered UC2 and the Tibetan Village. What a feeling to wake up in there.

    But yeah, my point is that the horizon could've been so much wider.

  • Pretty lacklustre indeed, it feels like the selection process was rushed. As much as I love Breath of the Wild and the 3 towns they picked, I fail to see how they deserve Top 10 spots.

    Of course none of these lists can ever be objective nor should they be taken seriously, but surely there was more variety to be found with this theme. Feels like a missed opportunity.

  • Despite all that's being said, I think it should be mentioned and praised that there were now names written for each entry! A small but really helpful addition, so thanks!

  • @sentinel-beach yeah, the quality and presentation of the edit was very strong.

  • I will always respect the Allies' opinion, but i do wish that they provide much stronger reasoning for the BoTW towns hogging the list. It's an anomaly when one game dominates in such a way, and frankly i'm still have mixed feelings on those entries in particular. At the very least, they could have mentioned that fact in the script and addressed it.

    Aside from that, the Fallout and Skyrim picks making the list was a great surprise.

  • Welp, this video did set a new record for the Allies.... most dislikes on a single video, quickly approaching the 1,000 mark.

    But I do view it as a good thing, in a strange way. Things usually improve after a stumble and I know the fellas aren't the type of people to just let something stay "broken" - plus as some people pointed out, there were some improvements in the editing of this list.

    I get the feeling we're close to entering the Golden Age of Top 10s, ushered in by Top Bathrooms.

  • This gave me an idea!

    One of the reasons why the Allies were dreading the return of Top 10s was the time it takes for them to search their memories and come up with a list of picks (and then of course debate which ones make the cut, get the footage, write the script and edit the video!)

    So to help them in that first step, how about announcing the theme of the Top 10 a couple weeks in advance on Patreon and allowing patrons to leave their own suggestions in the comments, like a huge collective brainstorm?

    It would still be up to the Allies to pick the Top 10, but at least they'd be less likely to forget some possible entries.

    It could be a nice extra incentive for some people to become Patrons too.

    There are cons though: no more element of surprise when the video comes out since we'd know the theme beforehand. Plus if the Allies leave out an option that was very popular among the comments, people are even more likely to complain.

    So I don't know if that's a good idea or not, tagging @Bloodworth so he can be the judge! ;)

  • @axel I'm so on board for this.

  • @axel That could be fun. To alleviate the potential problem you mentioned, perhaps have an 11th entry that is the community pick, introduced before the full top 10 list. To help with footage, maybe even have patrons volunteer some parts of their playthroughs which would tremendously cut down on capture time needed for these lists and help highlight members of the community all at the same time.

  • I read bloodworth comment on YouTube and cannot believe that most of the allies saw the final list that include 4 Zelda towns (3 from the same game) and thought "ya that looks right", i have to be honest that list sucks.

  • @axel I really like the element of surprise from these top 10 lists, but i suppose better lists overall is worth the trade.

  • Jones addressed this newest Top 10 and the response it received in his editorial at Cup of Jones just moments ago. So there's clarification now available.

  • I never really chimed in on this Top Ten Towns list but man - pretty confusing to me. I know art is subjective but I wasn't impressed by any town in Zelda BOTW when you can compare it to other classics in gaming like Oblivion or Final Fantasy.

    For example, Gerudo Town from Zelda BOTW is high on their list, but I spent 15 minutes trying to interact with anybody and anything in that town and there is little to do. I found maybe one side quest about a secret bar or something. The quest to enter Gerudo is unique - the premise of an all female town in the desert is unique and the denizens are extremely well designed, but there is almost no interactivity here. You show up - do your quest and leave. I think if they chose ONE from Zelda, I can buy it - but 4 from one game that has limited interactivity within the towns they list is really confusing.