• So I just got into the Zombie genre.

    So i recognized how the Military almost every time gets overrun in Movie/Games...BUT WHY?

    Lets take as example the first part of TWD...As Rick got stuck in a Tank and there was a dead Soldier in it so I asked myself : HOW TF DID HE GET INFECTED WHILE HE'S IN A TANK?
    Also the Zombies or how they like to call them "walker" aren't the exactly the fastest boys in the fictional world of The Walking Dead

    Of course in a horde they are much more dangerous but still the Military has freaking tanks,and heavy machine guns [Mini Guns and 50.Calibers]

    Also attack helicopters/planes also Plane carriers , Gunships Atomic U boats and much more...

    What do you think About it?

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    Slight WD spoilers: You turn into a zombie no matter how you die in the Walking Dead world.