What you would like to see from Devil May Cry 5, Bayonetta 3, Darkiders III, or Ninja Gaiden 4 ?

  • Or any other single player hack n slash of your choice.

    Me: For starters, since there is going to be three playable characters in DMC5, I want each character to have their own campaign, instead of sharing one.

    A Gods Must Die, Must Style Mode, and Boss Rush Mode.

    Bayonetta 3: A style meter. The combo meter in the Bayonetta games are not as helpful to let you know if you're doing better or getting a perfect.

    Jeanne getting her own campaign, no kid characters (twice is enough), and better weapons. I love 2, but some of the weapons were lacking or just overpowered.

    Darksiders III: Get rid of the Diablo loot based system from the last game. Also, have it play similar to Soul Reaver or Legacy of Kain in terms of pacing. The problem with this series is that there is too much padding or tedious backtracking. Also bring back the block button. There was no need to get rid of it in II.

    Ninja Gaiden 4: Don't be like II and 3/Razor Edge. Aside from RE's version of Steel on Bone. Honestly, I'd be more admin to play if it the game goes back to the style NG: Black.

  • Banned

    i wrote my complaints about DMC4 and my wants for the next game a few days before the reveal, so much of what I said is already outdated now, but I don't wanna repeat myself.


    Aside from that, I want it to be a bit less photorealistic and more gothic. Do not make it about setpieces and QTEs, like Platinum Games' games.

  • I am going through Bayonetta 1 for the first time now that is is on PC and was just on sale for $8. I'm sure a lot changed in Bayonetta 2, but right off the bat, I found the controls to be kind of weird. Using SQUARE and CIRCLE to do your attacks just doesn't feel right when every other hack n slash action game uses SQUARE and TRIANGE. I think Nier Automata had really great controls so I'm led to believe this has already been fixed.

  • @dipset
    The default controls on PS3 were Square to shoot, Triangle for Punches, and Circle for kicks.
    Anyway I would like to see some kind of practice arena implemented like Bayoneta does, but what I would do is keep a simple one similar to Bayo (hit loading screen, hit some button and practice as much as you like in a empty void) but also add one via a menu that gives you options kinda similar to a fighting game (pick enemy's, pick their attacks or move sets to practice against, quickly switch between different difficulty setups, quickly change between equipped weapons, playable tutorial for every move in the game, ect)

  • For all of them: good tutorials that explain all the mechanics, basic to advanced. Don't leave a casual like me hanging plz

  • @ezekiel
    While I do agree with your point about keeping it to one character, from what Iv'e been gleaming from Langdon there are a few things I think I can be sure of.

    1. This might be the longest DMC in terms of development time, having started about the same time as RE7
    2. I feel safe in saying all 4 members of the Sparda bloodline will be playable (Although I also assume Trish, and Lady will be as well)
    3. This game might change things up from the Act structure from 1-4 and possibly be more like Okami to some extent. (Kinda open world-ish with a few safezone's)
    4. Vehicles will be a slightly bigger part of the game (that or there's a ton of cutscenes of at least Dante riding various motorcycles)
    5. From the trailer alone I have a feeling the locations will be a mishmash of DMC 3 and 4, if I had to guess a restructured Vergil basically does his plan from DMC 3 again, only on a more global scale

  • @bam541 Most of the series I mentioned have them aside from DMC1 & 2. Ninja Gaiden didn't really start with tutorials until 3.

  • As long as Devil May Cry 5 pulls my devil trigger, I'm happy.

    Just give me over the top action, don't rely too much on cutscenes, don't re-use bosses multiple times (unless they change significantly), and maybe some sort of pizza eating mini game.

  • An understanding and replication of what made the original games in each series so good.

  • @bam541 said in What you would like to see from Devil May Cry 5, Bayonetta 3, Darkiders III, or Ninja Gaiden 4 ?:

    For all of them: good tutorials that explain all the mechanics, basic to advanced. Don't leave a casual like me hanging plz

    A manual would be best.

  • @sheria Too bad you rarely see those anymore, unless it's a collector's edition for a niche Japanese games. At best you're gonna get is a 10 page B & W manual from Capcom. Everyone else, not so much.

  • Following up here as I've played a bit more of Bayonetta. I am struggling to enjoy this game. I don't wanna drag it but its so weird because I have highs and lows with this game more than any other game in a while. The highs come from regular combat against demons where I feel pretty powerful and I don't have to rely on dodging as much. Frustration comes more from bosses and cut scenes.

    I have not gotten used to the controls very much. I find it frustrating that you need to hold R1 to do a number of offensive moves but then also need to hit R2 to dodge. That means a lot of index finger jumping around in an instant. I have also had issues with the camera where enemies spawn from the ground off camera and I cannot even see them. I've been attacked off camera by bosses and one boss in particular frustrated me where I felt like there were no visual indicators of their incoming attacks. It became a trail and error effort until I memorized its movement. It was especially frustrating because my dodges were certainly being inputted on time but they weren't registered as dodge. Especially feels off compared to other action games I play.

    I've also noticed cut scene transitioning into gameplay drops to a very low frame rate which is unfair because you sometimes have to dodge an attack right out of the cut scene and I have no fair chance when the frame rate drops that badly.

    I found that Nier Automata feels similar to Bayonetta and I like the control and especially dodging a lot better in that game. Same goes for the lock-on. Have my complaints already been fixed in Bayonetta 2 because I want to keep playing this into Bayonetta 3?

  • I'm not a huge fan of this types of games, and the only ones I've actually beaten have been the 2 Bayonettas, and for me the main thing that I felt lacking in Bayonetta 2 was difficulty in comparisson with 1.

    I'm not one to usually play hard games, but in this types of games I do find it appropriate and very rewarding so if I'm looking into any of these that's one of the main things I'm hoping for in a proper challenge, other than that I think they are appealing enough but not anything that's gonna drive me nuts.

  • @dipset Yes. Bayonetta 2 removes the lousy insta-death QTEs. The combat is a bit easier, but still challenging. For example, you still get witch time on the hardest mode.

    @bard91 The game may be a bit easier, but it's no cakewalk. Games like DmC!Vanilla, DMC2, and Ninja Gaiden 3!Vanilla are piss easy. Have you even tried the Witch Trials, the two bonus fights with Rodin (one where he is in demon form and fights like Akuma), or the Umbran Climax challenges on the hardest difficulties? You'll be busy for a while.

  • Another request, bring back the statue theme for DMC5, it was sorely lacking in the reboot.


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  • Hopefully more gauntlet style weapons! I know they are probably a shoe-in for Dante's part in DMC5, but seriously, character action games could always use more hard hitting punch and kick combos. Been playing through DMC4 again recently and Gilgamesh(Dante)/Beowulf(Vergil) are such a treat to use. Taking off half a boss's HP bar with that charged uppercut move is up there with landing OHK insta-gibs with the super shotty in Doom.

  • Jump canceling to be not as easy as DmC
    Dante to have more moves from each of his styles
    More technical moves
    Make royal guard flying, judgement cut cancel (if Vergil isn't in till SE) as actual moves

  • @smoothrunes I am a huge fan of Beowulf and Ifrit. Gilgamesh I like, but it felt really nerfed compared to Beowulf. Eryx (DmC) was just Ifrit with Hulk hands, and no kick combos. Eryx was fun to use, but not as much as the other gauntlets. I will give Ninja Theory some credit for giving me a Shoryureppa as a fully charged attack.

    @siegeh Jump cancelling being easier in DmC was one of the few things that didn't bother me in the reboot, but I understand how you feel.

  • Another one for DMC5; no time limit for bloody palace. I want to play like DMC3's where you could skip floors by 1, 10, or 100.