Ultima Underworld 2 Music - Rufus/Love&Respect?

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    Sounds eerily similar to me. And that tune is sort of a leitmotif, repeating with variation through the game, as you traveled through the central gem of the castle to the many worlds (thus the subtitle, Labyrinth of Worlds).

    The variation that hits around the 14 minute mark has the strongest 'Love and Respect' similarity, but that same theme runs right from the start - literally, it starts up the video and the game itself.

    I know the first Underworld was composed by The Fat Man - don't recall who did this one though. In any case, it's one of the most haunting and enchanting bits of early 90's PC gaming.

    Ryan Fenton

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    That is actually a quite funny thing. Even though I dont think its more than a coincidence. I could be wrong though, thanks for posting this! :D

  • To be honest I don't find this theme to be that similar to the one Rufus plays.