I saw Purge 4 and...

  • it was good for a prequel. The action scenes were pretty good and an improvement over Anarchy's, and better than Election Year's. The suspense was on point and the characters are likeable. In fact, this movie has the best action because at one point, the action becomes a small cross between Die Hard and the Raid.

    One bit of a spoiler:

    At the middle of the credits, they put in a teaser for the Purge TV series. No joke. The series will be 10 episodes, but don't know when that will start. After 4 movies, I really don't think you can do much with this franchise unless they plan on focusing about non-murdering crimes like illegal experimentation or hacking.

    I recommend the movie to fans of the franchise. For non-fans it's entertaining, but you will be in for a few surprises. My only complaint with the film is some of the CG blood. It's not too noticeable, but there are parts where I'm thinking, "you really couldn't afford squibs? Bullshit!". I know Blumhouse is known for doing low budgets, but they're not hurting for cash badly.

  • Thanks for the brief review :) I am a fan of the franchise but didn't get the time to watch it. Which purge is your favorite though?

  • @deltamind Election Year edges out due to characters and action. I like Anarchy, but some of the action was hard to follow (the part where it turns into Manhunt being a notorious example). Otherwise, the only one I don't like is Purge (2013).