I am loving Dragon Quest Builders

  • Dragon Quest Builders is my first Dragon Quest(not a JRPG fan) and it's super fun, I love it. The story is deep enough to push you forward but thin enough to let you ignore it if your in a hurry to build, the art-style is perfect, the characters & enemies are great... I'm just really enjoying going through the chapters(currently on CH: 2) and I am looking forward to completing them so I can then go mad in the Terra Incognita mode.

    It has also got me looking to Builders 2 and eager to try out Dragon Quest XI.

  • Yeah it was pretty neat, basically the Minecraft I always wanted when I actually played Minecraft.

  • Tbh i desire DQB2 more than %95 of the games that are currently on the desire index

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    Yeah, this game do look a lot of fun. I remember really enjoying Jones streaming of it. I havent gotten around to picking it up myself (mainly for time issues), but I really want to.

  • I just started it myself. Not usually in to this type of game but I'm really enjoying it. I am not sure I would have made time for it on the big screen but its absolutely perfect for portable play and highlights the beauty of the switch!

  • I had a really great time with Builders as well and I really need to go back and finish it someday! - I'm right at the end of chapter 3. It was also my first DQ game (although I've watched a stream of the very first game, if that counts) and I just loved the vibes this game gives off. I hope they make some meaningful improvements in the second one!

  • It truly is a great game. Like you, I had never played or had any desire to play a Dragon Quest title, but it just looked like fun. Ben and Brandon's streams of it pushed me over the top, to where it was a must-buy when it came to Switch. I completed the campaign pretty quickly after it released, and have dumped a ton of time into molding my perfect Terra Incognita - which still a lot of work left to do.

    Art style plays a big role in my enjoyment of games - and personally, this game has a lot working against it in that territory. Despite loving the concept of Minecraft, I don't care for it's blocky aesthetic - which makes it difficult to get invested in trying to make something visually appealing. Builders skirts around this problem by not being afraid to make characters look like characters, and polishing up the blocks into a nice, cartoony style. On the other hand, I generally hate games that are based in an anime aesthetic or chibi style. However you want to describe it, the combination of those must result in just a cute enough looking game, that it doesn't grate on my eyes.

    I'm really looking forward to Dragon Quest Builders 2, and the improvements they've already talked about sound really positive. I just want more textures, items, and everything to mess around with. As it stands, your creative vision can feel a tad restricted, when for example you only have one roofing texture to use.

    Hopefully the rumor of it coming to Xbox is true, as I would love the ability to potentially play on both - or have some export functionality. Additionally with co-op coming, it would be cool if there was an ability to have an EZA server where we could create a massive town deserving of Huber's approval.

  • @ozymandsss I play it on the Vita, but dunno whether to get Builders 2 on PS4 or Switch. I do love my trophies lol