The Naughty Dog Agenda

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    Watched that video the other day. Others have already articulated (much better) what I was going to say.
    For a guy who doesn't like "agendas", he sure pushes his own pretty hard.



    I think my favorite part of the video is where he spends several minutes complaining about the forced relationship between Chloe and Nadine. For those of you who have actually played Lost Legacy you may be saying "wjat". He isn't talking about the game, but instead some dev drawn fanart that ships Chloe and Nadine. One of dude's major talking points is non-canon shipping. Fucking LOL.

    But yeah. Much like the outrage against Battlefield V, I feel it has less to do with any sort of "authenticity" or concern for quality of the game, and more to do with a bunch of angry sperglords who can't handle stronk waminz in da vidyagamz.

  • Not really sure how you got "pushing an agenda" out of that video. Seems more like a frustrated fan that's bothered by the huge focus on Social Justice. As someone that cringes when each time SJW is mentioned in a forum or video and thinks most people tend to needless hate on them because they want super lewd waifus in games, He seemed like someone that was pretty rational and clearly made a case for why he felt Naughty Dog was getting silly. He even say that it was their right to do what they are doing, but it can get to the point of harming his interest in the games they put out.

  • Internet weirdo exposes himself as a weirdo. Delete Twitter dude. Go make some friends.

  • @sacred-arfaid What logical examples did he provide of Naughty Dog focusing too much on social justice within their games though? He mentioned Bill being gay in The Last of Us (said it was done well) and Ellie shown to be a lesbian in the stand-alone DLC (saying it had a nice build-up and was a good representation of her character). He picks apart tweets from some of the development team but doesn't show how those affect the game in any way whatsoever - aside from saying The Last of Us II places too much emphasis on women, despite this story obviously being more Ellie-focused than the last outing.

    Just a friendly reminder that using logic and speaking in a calm tone while reminding people that you're not trying to be offensive doesn't automatically mean your logic stands up and shouldn't be questioned. If I saw a 20 minute video of someone calmly saying that Machinegames pushes an anti-Nazi agenda and maybe they're being too harsh on Nazis... I would also say that video is something I'm completely opposed to.

    If I'm being honest with my take-away - it's a "fan" that really loves the games but continually looks at tweets and news articles to fuel his vendetta against seeing more women in games. If you watch the Last of Us II E3 2018 trailer and your main thought is that trailer showed off too many women, then your head isn't in the right place. We should be focusing on all the new mechanics, the new story being told, and how amazing those animations and graphics look.

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    @sacred-arfaid What huge push are you talking about? Having played almost every game Naughty Dog has ever produced, I have never once felt there was any sort of SJW agenda even remotely present.
    Even complaints like Nadine being able to take on Nate and Sam are pretty easily done away with for anybody who takes even a moment to think about the scenario (two older men with no formal combat training going up against a younger character who spent much of their childhood in combat situations).

    Also, I have to laugh at anybody who seriously thinks there is some sort actul SJW agenda being hoisted upon them when less than 10% of the games at E3 had a female protagonist.

  • Personally as long as the games are good and I have fun playing them I don't care much about what the creators tweet.. I didn't care with Kingdom Come and I don't care with Naughty Dog. If they keep making great games, I'll keep playing.

    I honestly don't see how any sort of agenda is being pushed in the games themselves. To me Uncharted 4 doesn't feel any different from the first Uncharted in that regard. Also, we've seen about 15 minutes total of TLOU2 so its really too early to make any kind of call on that

  • Games are, Art. Art is about pushing agenda.

  • he's right and its blatantly obvious what Naughty Dog is doing
    thats not the real problem, the real problem is if the game is going to have a lot of unskippable walk and chat scenes all over and have awful gameplay
    why don't devs just focus on fun first when making a game, I spent $60 to play a game not get an (((((experience)))))

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  • I'm kinda... disturbed (is that the right word? maybe troubled fits better) about it too, especially after they launched the 2nd TLOU Part II trailer, and seeing the casts for that trailer. I'm hoping the final game doesn't turn out as hamfisted as the recent trailers. I mean, i have no problem with developers having opinions and agendas and all that (and i support ND's stance in some ways), do what you want man, just make good games. But you gotta do it subtle, don't ever focus on it (except if your game's theme is exactly that, but TLOU is certainly not).

    Seeing my favorite dev in a weird state like this certainly bothers me, but i still believe they can make things smoother.

  • @sabotagethetruth
    For one, it's not just what's in the game that seems to be his issue, in fact, I think he even says that having diversity isn't a problem for him, just that ND seems more fixated on the concept of pander to the people that feel these elements are the end all be all of entertainment. I get the impression that he feel that can and have made diverse characters in the past, without the need to make it the primary focus, or many it a part of every decision the make. Just seems like they are making it too important to the fabric of the company.

  • @sacred-arfaid said in The Naughty Dog Agenda:

    can and have made diverse characters in the past, without the need to make it the primary focus

    That's called Tokenism

  • You'd never see someone do a long rambling video on gears of wars about a masculine agenda. This is just another insecure guy who probably needs a girlfriend.

  • Doesn't Gears V have a chick in the lead?

  • @el-shmiablo Fist the skull horse?


    Not going into detail here but my signature should say it all, the amount of westren made games I purchase has been heavily reduced in the last few years since a certain group of people I can not name has forced themselves into it, imo they really soc, jus like the boomers who are also censorous af.
    WIth the time more and more people will realize that this bs simpy doesn't make good games, especially not those you'd want to spend 60 bucks on, it happened in the comic industry, it will happen in the gaming industry.

    Please ignore the typos, english is not my 1st language.

  • @sacred-arfaid Dammit your right is nothing sacred. Games are destroyed forever.

  • Its kinda sad developers has to spend budget on SJW and femenist elements rather than spent budget on good level design and gameplay.

  • What are we arguing about?

  • @iboshow Naughty Dog has gone broke from writing diverse characters into their games and not selling any copies of their horribly reviewed mistakes. We are all just sitting in here discussing how sad it is.


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    Can anyone give even a single prominent example of how "SJW" or "feminism" has had a negative impact on a game?

    I see all this whining and complaining about how it has become so pervasive and is ruining games, yet even the video OP posted fails to raise even one example of how these elements have made the games a lesser experience, instead choosing to focus on how his personal politics conflict with that of certain developers within the company.

    @Musou-Tensei What to people born between 1945 and 1964 have to do with anything, and why are they cancerous?
    Take a break from 4chan my dude.