Any Gundam Breaker fans out there?

  • I'm new to the franchise, got Gundam Breaker 3 on PS4 a few months ago and been playing it occasionally when I have the time. I'm also waiting to get the Steam version of the new Gundam Breaker game called "New Gundam Breaker" (Lazy Title). Just wondering if anyone has seen or played it.

  • Damn it, Hold on.... ok its downloading now. Thanks a lot this one almost sneaked by me. I haven't tried any of the others, but i was excited to try New Gundam Breakers. Almost got lost in the shuffle. Mostly a fan of OG Gundam and G Gundam, but you slap the Gundam name on anything and I'll try it at least once.

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    So is this like Gundam Versus or different? Versus looked pretty friggin neato, but then I saw this. WHAT DO I WAAAANT?

  • @el-shmiablo It plays like the Muso games but with its own take on it. Like the setting is kind of like the show Build Fighters where u battle your customised Gunpla in some virtual world.

  • My opinion so far: It plays more like a visual novel. read some text, play a mission, rinse repeat. Mission's are frenetic battles where you either have to complete various missions or beat another team in point based battles. I like how the missions are at the scale and perspective of a Gunpla model, so tables are huge and I've often found myself hiding behind something and suddenly realizing its a giant bookcase. It's not without its problems so far, the fact that i have to back up to the main menu to add different parts to my Gunpla is a tad annoying and the way the game facilitates this, hard stopping after every mission and making you select the next mission before moving on, is detrimental to the story in my opinion. It's also very tutorial light, aside from a brief mission at the start. Granted I'm only 2 hours in, maybe its like some other games where the whole first chapter is a tutorial (spent a lot of time farming parts to make a Guncannon) . so far I'm having fun with New Gundam Breakers but i can see the fun dying off relatively quickly.

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    @bobbytrizzle Okay.
    I think I am still more interested in Versus. I've had enough of Musou games for a while.

  • @el-shmiablo
    I think its better to describe it as Diablo but with Gundam. Although if you are going to get one your better off importing the Region 3 version of Gundam Breaker 3. New Gundam Breaker is....its just not fun. put 3-4 hours into it and it was just a slog.

  • The story mode seems so cringy, I don't want to play a highchool sim, I just want to be the best Gundam Breaker!

  • @bobbytrizzle
    Yeah, that's kinda what drags it down for me. The first 3 are kinda like "Here's a hub, here's where you get your missions, and here's how you connect with other players, Now get the fuck out of here and tear shit up"
    I know the 3rd has some kind of story, but I think its mostly just re-enacting stuff from the series.

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    You should know before you dive into versus that its just a 3D arena fighting game. Try the demo before you buy as it's definitely an acquired taste. Think along the lines of the final fantasy dissidia series