What is your opinion on Neo and Scorpio

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    Personally, I'm not planning on getting either machine refresh as I already have the previous models. The only thing that could make me budge would be something along the lines of an insane insane killer app.

    In terms of the Neo vs Scopio, I think it's safe to say VR is the main reason they're both going for an additional refresh. Sony has their own VR platform, while Microsoft is likely to just use oculus rift as their supported VR set. Broadly speaking I'm not too fond of incremental upgrades to consoles as it has gone mostly badly in the past due to the fairly closed architecture of consoles (ram on a PC can be easily swapped out so long as it's the right kind for example, but good luck trying to see if the modules can be swapped on consoles)

    Having to buy a whole new machine is going to be a difficult swallow for most consumers, but I understand the motivation for the refreshes in terms of trying to future proof themselves as best they can.

    Looking back, Sony tried for a while to hop on the 3D train with the PS3 and while it didn't take off there was a lot of chatter implying it could have, conversely the original wii chose an overly conservative technology approach by not including HDMI as an output prioritizing existing technology vs future HD tvs.

    Time will tell if people adopt the premium models (or if Sony or MS eventually force the older models off the primary market) or if they just end up being curiosities for collectors etc due to low adoption.

  • I'm dismayed by them. If Neo and Scorpio are reasonably successful, it seems obvious to me devs will optimize first for the most powerful console versions and then "back port" for the base machines. This is in fact how mobile development often works now. You run on the best device you have and then deal with older devices later – if at all.

    Those back-ported games could suffer in a way they wouldn't have had they been targeted for a single console. I'm worried that if I don't pay up, I may see performance in future titles decrease.

  • @iconmaster mmmm mobiles are like an annual or bi-annual release for an upgraded. These consoles are nearing their 4th year, which makes sense for a slim refresh to come out, except, this time, they're attempting graphical upgrades along with any physical upgrades.

  • Seems to be some legitimate concern if Scorpio may just be too much of a leap. And apparently MS hasn't ruled out Scorpio exclusives, although the user base may not be there. But the real problem is potentially having a console that's very underutilized. Or potentially being priced too high. But that's probably why its being pushed to next year.

    I was interested in nabbing Scorpio as I don't have an X1. But I may reconsider since its not going to be out till next holiday season. And may be out of my preferred price range. Meanwhile I can afford to get a nice bundle this holiday season. But I could pass since my avaliable gaming time, may decrease in the coming months.

  • I'm fine with the idea of a shorter cycle if this plays out a bit like it does with iPhone 6 vs 62 or Samsung Galaxy S6/S7. If we get a mid-term bump in specs like PS4 and PS4k then, ideally, nobody should lose out on gameplay.

    Don't think people will mind that a PS4 and PS4k or XBox One S/Scorpio exist at the same time if both parties can enjoy the same gameplay. There shouldn't be any features reserved for the more powerful ones, except actually using the horsepower these consoles bring to the table.

    One upside from this might be that we'll see more graphics options in console games. If developers can optimise a game for PS4 and PS4k in that you have a choice of fidelity vs framerate, then that's an option that could be made available to users in general.

  • I'm fine with 6 year cycles with a refresh after 3 years, i.e. PS4 > PS4K > PS5 > PS5K, etc. but backward comparability is a must, especially since they're essentially PC's now, there's no excuse.

    Presumably PS4 games couldn't play PS5 games, but would share a library with PS4K.

  • I like the idea of the Neo and Scorpio simply because I think we've reached a point with technology where it is aimed at several groups of people.

    I imagine eventually we'll get to the stage where we'll have our high end console, mid tier console and low console which will all keep iterating.

    On top of that it should finally put an end to the issue of backwards compatibility and being able to play all old games too. I'm genuinely not as well versed on Xbox's past games but Sony need to get their act together and allow PS1 games on the PS4.

  • To me it seems like a sign that this generation will last much longer then that last, which could be a good thing for developers.
    At the same time, I have to wonder will Neo and Scorpio offer enough benefits for people without 4K TV's/Monitors to warrant the price. I mean ill gladly upgrade to either so long as the benefits seem worth it, things like better framerate or framerate options (Locked 30, or Unlocked reaching 60), Better resolution (locked 1080p for everything), faster load times for everything all around (kinda a no duh), things of that nature.

    At the same time we also have the NX a literal wildcard at this point and time, with nothing but rumor and speculation of what its capable of. Going off the rumors alone it seems its slightly more powerful then a PS4, some kind of hybrid Home/Handheld console, and is going to use some kind of custom cartridge (which honestly Id be excited to see Cartridges come back)