WTF? Broly Returns?

  • Apparently Toriyama Sensei is bringing back Broly and making him canon in the Dragon Ball universe for the new DBS film.>

  • I harp on this a lot but i sometimes can't help myself in saying: there is no official Dragon Ball canon. Some fans say its just the manga, some say its the manga and some anime episodes, and some say its everything that has ever held the dragon ball name. However no one in a position of authority has come out and said "This is the official Dragon Ball canon" quite the contrary they have been very careful not to mention canon at all. Except for the director of the Broly movies, he has no problem telling fans how canon Broly is and how much more powerful he is than anyone in the DBU, but i would too if i had such a polarizing character. I am more than happy to be proven wrong on this i would love a stronger canon for the series instead of my own head-canon, but in my own research i have found nothing. Rant Over.

    Now as for the article/ YouTube video, My excitement has been turned down a notch, I'm personally not a fan of Broly he is a one-trick pony, he is the hulk without Dr. Banner, fun but in no way a nuanced character. He'll come, they'll fight, he'll "die" again. My hope is that the Broly stuff will be in the Past of their "Multi-layered" story and the Present story line will have a different antagonist altogether.

    Side-note: another thing that grinds my gears is when people say they hate Dragon Ball Super's "filler" episodes, there is no filler in that series. Filler is when an anime diverts from the manga for an episode or two, but the manga for super was being put out almost concurrently with the anime before it fell behind and i believe is still coming out. I might be being pedantic on this one but its like nails on a chalkboard for me.

  • @zrail I also don't care for Broly I was smh when I heard the news, Toriyama Sensei trying to milk the Broly fans for sure.

  • Canon is the anime, the manga layed down the foundation, the anime added some more stuff, DB, DBZ and DBS are canon. I think it's about time to make Broly's existence canon, looking forward to the movie, I need more DBS.

  • Broly is very one-noted (even for Dragon Ball), but he still has a bunch of fans. Toriyama has proven with DBS that he loves fan-service, so I wish I could say I'm surprised.

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