What are some of your favourite super modes/limit break?

  • We've likely all been there. Getting our ass handed to us on a silver platter by a certain boss or enemy encounter. And then we remember the super mode, or the limit break: a feature in certain games where our character becomes substantially more powerful for a limited amount of time and lets us rip into our opponents. Playing through DMC4 again recently has reminded me how much I love a well executed super mode.

    Devil Trigger-Devil May Cry series: of course I've gotta include what inspired me to make the topic in the first place. The DT staple in DMC has pretty much everything you could want from a functioning super mode. Stronger attacks? Check. Faster attacks? Check. Regenerating health? Check. Access to new moves? Check. Cool appearance change? Well, that varies from game to game/character to character, but still. I suppose the one complaint I have is that without purple orbs to increase the meter, it can run out pretty quickly.

    Hypermode-Metroid Prime 3-For when you absolutely, positively gotta kill every Space Pirate in the room, accept no substitutes. What can you say about the hypermode-it makes you invincible. The true threat when in hypermode is overdosing on Phazon and turning into another Dark Samus for a non-standard game over. Yep, this mode is so powerful you run the risk of transforming into the villain. Do space drugs in moderation, kids.

    Chaos Form-Darksiders: Now, I'm gonna be honest. I haven't exactly played all that much Darksiders, but from the brief time I did, you know what I remember most? Being able to turn into a fucking Balrog, that's what! How cool is that?! It's nice to see a super mode that not only changes the appearance, but physical size too.

    Now for a dishonourable mention

    Spartan Rage-God of War: I find it to be just to unwieldy to be any sort of grand equalizer. I quickly learned this when fighting the Valkyrie Queen. If an opponent gets too far away, you just spend your time looking like the God of Buffoonery as you dash across the arena trying to deal damage that doesn't really show its worth against such tough opponents anyway.

    Now lay it on me, Allies. Break your limits!

  • Heat Mode/ Climax Heat- Yakuza Series: While it may not be exactly what you meant I believe that Heat Mode could fit here nicely. While standard heat mode is easy to get it can be upgraded to include a myriad of benefits as you build your meter, including: faster punches, better evades, defense against blades, and even defense against freaking BULLETS. With the introduction of Climax Heat in Kiwami and Yakuza 5 they turned it up to 11 allowing for even flashier, more devastating attacks and for a series that has allowed you to punch sharks, tiger and squid in the face that is saying something. I will agree that a QTE ultimate can be polarizing but I enjoyed them.

  • @zrail I'd say Heat gets a pass for the topic at hand. What would Yakuza be without being able to beat someone to death with a traffic cone?

    1. Devil Trigger - The best one there is. Except for DmC (2013).

    2. Godhand mode.

    3. Gungrave's Demolition shots!

    4. Dynasty Warriors 8/Samurai Warriors 4 Rage Mode.

  • Banned

    Not sure if it counts, but setting the Golden Warrior to Berserk is Guardian Heroes was always fun. Watching him go absolutely ballistic and decimate half the battlefield was a treat.

  • Angry Mode - Rival Turf: This is a bad game. So bad, in fact, that it's one redeeming feature is turned off by default. If you go into the options, you see "Angry Mode - Off". You're gonna want to switch that to "On". Now, anybody who grew up in the 90s and loves beat-em-ups but is not god-like at them should be able to appreciate this. Somewhere around level 3 or 4 in every 90s beat-em-up, you're gonna get cornered by a group and they're going to take at least one, if not all, of your lives. The only thing you can do to save yourself is to use either a consumable or vitality-reducing special move and even then, you know game over is on its way and nothing can stop it. Queue Angry Mode. You're still going to get game over and in this game, it's more likely this is happening in level 1 or 2 but with Angry Mode, you're at least going to take down that one SOB who you know you'd be handling if it weren't for all of his friends and you're going to do it with the most over-the-top, gratifying super slam. And the name is so perfect. Jaleco knew what state your head would be in by the time Angry Mode activated because you need to take damage for it to kick in. Rival Turf: it sucks, but Angry Mode.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Rival Turf is the English version of the Japanese series, Rushing Beat. The sequels are Brawl Brothers and the Peacekeepers respectively for 2 and 3. Especially 3. I recommend just playing all of their Japanese counterparts. In fact, Brawl Brothers has a code where you can play its Japanese counterpart.

  • If it counts, getting a berserk powerup in Doom and punching everything into oblivion.
    Sol's Dragon Install - Guilty Gear Xrd. Not used much at the top level but the high risk high reward nature always makes it hype to see. His character model changes, whatever music is playing is forced to change and all his stuff gets huge buffs. If you win while it's active you get a different victory pose too.

  • Thought of some more I enjoy:

    Living Weapon-Nioh: It's the versatility of LW that makes it a pleasure to use. There's so many Guardian Spirits to choose from, and although the differences may seem minor like different elemental effects or bonuses, spec'ing your stats and build to unlock stuff like 'unlimited" Living Weapon can be immensely satisfying. Oh, and it comes will cool perks like unique moves for all the weapon types and being invincible (although hits you take during it will diminish the gauge faster).
    Stormtrance-Destiny: This super ability for the Stormcaller cublass for Warlocks is basically the best Palpatine simulator ever released, even more so than the man's appearence in any official Star Wars game.
    Devastators-Prototype: Need a Manhattan street cleared of people in a matter of seconds? Just summon a barrage of tendrils or have giant spikes emerge from the ground. Prototype Devastators are only available if you are in one of two states: critical health or beyond max health, so basically you'll be using this to either get out of a rough spot or finish what was probably a comfortable trouncing of the enemy. There's also another Devastator that is specifically for use against a single target for when you need to do a big amount of damage to a particular tough enemy or boss.

  • I don't know if this counts but the Spirit of the Djinn power-up in Uncharted 4 Multiplayer is super sick, being an inFamous character in Uncharted is pretty fun. Using a SMG or shotgun with this is the ideal combination, did a lot of comebacks with this powerup.

  • I read that as Super Models lol. Anyways I like The rage mode in Sword of the Berserk: Gut's Rage