EZA Community Stream Days/Nights

  • @tokeeffe9 Oh, how would I go about doing this form thing? I'm assuming it will take the data and automatically transfer it over to the sheet, cause that would save me some work.

  • As @El-Shmiablo said, I am down AF, this sounds fun. Although i want the Battle Royale fad to just die, personally. Not a huge pc player but anything on XBO or PS4 and I'm down.

  • @smoothrunes

    • Go to Google Drive
    • Click the New button and go to more, select Google Form
    • Write whatever questions you want people to fill out
    • On the response tab, you can select to link a new or existing spreadsheet.

    Test it out to make sure it works but that should give you a good idea.

  • Think I tried making a thread about this back when EZA started, granted this seems far, fsr more organized. Only have access to stream via PS4, but hoping to change that in the coming months. Don't play many multiplayer games except for Fighting games, and the ocassional FPS. So I'm mostly playing single player stuff (think my longest stream was GoW at almost 4 hours) Also don't typically have a Mic mostly because I hardly have anyone watching, but if I get enough people I'll use one.

    Right now on my mind for Streaming
    Resident Evil 4, 5 or 6 (mostly leaning towards 5 atm as it's the only one I haven't recently replayed)
    Yakuza Kiwami 2
    Street Fighter 5
    Soul Caliber 6

  • I'm totally down if you ever do PC. I'm not much of an online player on PS4 or XBO, but i'm good for pretty much anything PC.

  • @tokeeffe9 Alright, thanks for that juicy info! Really helped me out.

    OK, people, here is the response form: https://goo.gl/forms/ibMD8ib2aoJgJ7152

    I will also be adding it to the OP.

  • So I just added what I could stream multiplayer wise as I have been streaming a nice bit lately but it's all been a bit of a variety really (Jurassic World Evolution, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Outlast 2 and currently Prey)

  • Filled out the form, and while i have some capture equipment I have never tried to stream with it, more than happy to provide capture footage or help out with someone's streams. Pretty much old man river when it comes to streaming myself though.

  • Submitted the form. I won’t be able to stream until I get a new PC, but I’m happy to join in on multiplayer or races. And I’m happy to join in on chat (voice or otherwise).

  • Something I wanted to ask y'all in relation to this. What are you thoughts on joining people in voice chat who are playing solo in a single player game? I only ask cause I find it very difficult to stream and commentate if I am by myself. Something about talking to yourself in an empty room gives me the creeps, somehow.

  • @smoothrunes This is pretty much why i haven't done any streaming myself. I gotta think it takes a "Stream of Consciousness" type of approach combined with several small anecdotes or esoteric information. Then again, if i planned out what i wanted to say it wouldn't be entertaining. Either way, i have no problem being the wall some people need to talk at while they are streaming. Although i imagine like any collaboration a certain rapport is needed between the parties involved..

  • @zrail I feel ya. Probably gonna need to get to know each other and others in the community to help smooth things out.

  • I submitted the form and forgot to fill in one of the entries, can i change it?

  • @bam541 Just tell me what you want changing and I can have that reflected in the DB.

  • @smoothrunes Availability : From 6 PM local time, sometimes up till 2 AM past midnight

  • @bam541 It has been added.

  • Banned

    For stuff I am willing to play/stream, I enjoy playing coop games more than anything competitive. MonHun, FFXIV, The Division, Ghost Recon Wildlands, RE5, Bloodborne, Dark Souls, etc. I recently got the Assassin's Creed 3-pack and would love to try Unity with doods.

    As for times, well, that is tricky. With babby I kinda have to play it by ear, though it will most likely be weekends or the occasional weekday after 930 EST (-4).

  • @smoothrunes
    yeah feels kinda weird too, usally why when I stream with a Mic I try to do it with my brother, just so I don't sound crazy.

  • I think if someone does join in voice, it might be worth adding a webcam of them too. I don't know, I think it just makes the stream more personal when you can see both people talking. I find it okay solo streaming most of the time. If no one is chat I'll just play as I normally would and probably add the odd comment on what I'm doing and then if anyone is in chat, interact with them.

    I'm probably going to stream the end of Prey after World Cup today. I think anyway