Which Pokémon GO! team did you join?

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    As so many other people I have started this amazing journey towards becoming a pokemon champion.

    I have now reached level 5 and I need to join a team, but I can't make up my mind!

    I have narrowed it down to Team Mystic or Team Valor, its a bit like my head says Valor but my heart says Mystic. Which one have you chosen? ...and why?

    Mysic seems to be all about bonding with your Pokemon in a cool way... and they got the badass Articuno as mascot

    Valor seem to be all about becoming the best and never give up - a bit like me.

    Help me decide which team I should join!


  • I joined Team Valor, mainly because Pokemon Red was the primary version of the original games I played. In all honesty, I just ignored what each team was about, saw the color red, and decided "ah yes, this is the color of my childhood."

    Plus I found out about 80% of my friends also joined Valor so that makes it a lot easier for us to take over gyms.

  • Team Mystic was an easy choice for me. I like blue and Articuno is my favorite out of the three.

  • I was kind of torn between all of them at first as well: Team Instinct is the underdog with the lowest number of members (from what I can tell), Zapdos was my favorite legendary out of the 3 (and I think he's one of the most popular of the 3), it's sort of like the middle road one can take for balance/OCD freaks like myself (since Mystic is about mental strength and Valor is about physical strength.... although I think instinct as a middle road to those 2 is kinda dumb), and Spark looks rad, so I can definitely see the appeal there. Team Mystic definitely gives off some "too cool" vibes (especially from the team leader Blanche lol), and since it is all about mind over matter I can see how that can draw people in as well, not to mention blue is several people's favorite color (mine included), and finally since it seems Team Valor is the most popular (again from my own personal observations) Team Mystic seems like the only other force capable of stopping them. Now because Team Valor is so popular, it is the group to join if you want a lot of allies out and about/want to associated with the "most popular team"/want to RULE THE WORLD, also Pokemon Red was my first Pokemon game ever (as it was a lot of others) so I can see the draw there as well, and finally the fact that Valor is all about strength promotes the masses to be tough guy punks (with a smoking hot, bad-ass, silhouette of a leader that is Candela lol).

    In the end, I chose Team Mystic for the reasons I outlined above. I kinda like that there are plenty of dimensions behind the three teams to help people make their decision.

    Also relevant, I find this pic to be all too accurate: alt text

  • Team Mystic. Like all of my sisters, my brother, my girlfriend, her niece, her niece's boyfriend and most of his friends.

  • Team Valor because I liked the red bird logo the best, but from the descriptions above, I should have picked Instinct.

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    Thanks for all the insightful replies! I think I will go Valor after all, one of the main reasons being that my best friend phoned me and said he went Red! However, the servers seems to be down (again) so have to wait.

  • @DarkenRaul1 said in Which Pokémon GO! team did you join?:

    Also relevant, I find this pic to be all too accurate:

    Thanks for calling me a casual, game-passing crybaby.

    I went with Team Instinct because I literally trust my gut more than anything when making life decisions. And of course, Zapdos helped.

  • @Krauser that pic was just a joke, man. Didn't mean any offense by it (all teams get roasted in my opinion...... and I didn't make it lol).

  • Team Mystic!

    Because I like blue...

    Man that picture is sorta accurate.

    I also liked the cool belt.

  • Blue team!

  • Team Mystic. Purely for the reason that if obtaining one of the 3 Legendary birds is tied to your team, I want Articuno. And I like Blue ;)

  • Team Valor.

    Though I think I would've chosen Instinct if I could choose again. Because they're less popular and I'd like to contribute by evening the sides out more.

  • Im team Son Gok,, I mean team Valor

  • @DarkenRaul1 said in Which Pokémon GO! team did you join?:

    @Krauser that pic was just a joke, man. Didn't mean any offense by it (all teams get roasted in my opinion...... and I didn't make it lol).

    I know dude, I was joking back at ya. Love & Respect.

  • I'm on Team Instinct. I guess we're the Hufflepuffs of this plac.e

  • I haven't started GO yet, but I would usually gravitate towards Valor because it's red, my favorite color. One of my favorite Pokemon types is fire too, so you think it would be perfect for me!

    But, I don't like Moltres, like at all. Of all the fire types, especially fire type legends, it's pretty lame to me. So I would not want to be on the team with that as my mascot, when Zapdos and Articuno are so much cooler. My hope is that the more gens are added, they will change the mascot Pokemon with it. Or allow you to customize who your mascot is in some way. It's a dumb complaint I'm sure. But I really would hate to have my team's mascot be a Pokemon I don't care for much.

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    Instinct because yellow = Wu-Tang.
    I make most of my choices in life based on how they relate to the Wu-Tang Clan.

  • Valor, but it was kind of a no-brainer for me. My kids chose Valor before I hit level 5, and turned out a couple of my other friends were Valorites, so... OK. Done.

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    I ended up with Valor, however now when I have spent 8 hours walking around in town, I have only come across 2 valor gyms, all the others are blue and yellow.

    Also I tried to enter an enemy gym earlier today, I pressed to challenge. However once it went "go" I just got kicked out and had to re-enter? anyone else had this problem? its almost like they didnt want to fight me, any clues as to why this might have been?