Which Pokémon GO! team did you join?

  • Team Valor because I like the color red best and like the images fire conjure up in my mind.

  • @Lotias That's a pretty common glitch with gyms and it happened to me once. Other glitches that I've heard of/experienced are the 1 HP Glitch (where you fight one of the Pokemon and bring them down to 1 HP, but they don't die no matter what and either the game crashes or you end up burning through all 6 Pokemon and lose) and the Insta-Lose Glitch (where you'll be fighting a gym normally, but when you switch out Pokemon, you are booted out of match only to find all the rest of your Pokemon already dead).

    As it stands, there aren't really any fixes to any of these problems and no easy way to report them other than trying to send the company an email or something sadly, and I attribute the majority of the issues to team Niantic's overworked servers (although there are just some legit bugs riddled throughout the game as well my friends and I stumbled across), so the best solution to this is to keep trying to enter a gym battle, and if you can't get in after several tries, just hold off on playing it for now and try it another time.

  • The yellow team leader was talking about Pokémon power being related to hatching eggs and I figured that meant in the future, #TeamInstinct would get some kind of egg hatching bonus (and the other teams got different bonuses as well).

  • I played for two days and chose mystic but stopped. My roommates got be back in and I chose Valor like them with a new account.