UNCHARTED - Live Action "Fan" Film

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    This was incredible. I really like how they worked in a lot of the animations from the game into the fight choreography. I've always thought there were much better choices for Drake (North for accuracy, Pratt for star power/charisma, etc.), but this just felt perfect. I don't want a big budget blockbuster for Uncharted, I want exactly this.

    Can't wait to hear Huber's opinions on this.

  • The parts where Nate was talking about history and discovering things, connecting the dots, were like straight out of the games. Loved those! The tone and the dialogue, the vocabulary even.

  • Why haven't we got a film staring Nathan Filion?
    Awesomeness that they got him though.

  • @dmcmaster said in UNCHARTED - Live Action "Fan" Film:

    Why haven't we got a film staring Nathan Filion?
    Awesomeness that they got him though.

    We don't deserve one?

  • Sooooooooooooooo this is like the most awesome thing I've seen in terms of a "movie" or "film" in years.

    Some suspension of disbelief is required but with about three minutes left, I was GIDDY.

  • Definitely felt like a fan film, which isn't necessarily a good thing. The zoom to a third-person shooter view felt kind of forced, and there was some really rough scripting, acting, lighting, etc., but that's to be expected. Fillion was great, though, and I appreciated the attention to detail. Curious to see what they could do with a bigger budget, and I think this works as a sort of "proof of concept" that Uncharted could work as a movie.

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    I really enjoyed it. You could tell it didnt have the highest budget, but for what it was it reminded me of the deadpool test footage. Some scenes were better than others, but Fillion is always a win.

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    Same, granted maybe this will help get the gears moving similar to that Deadpool "leak"
    Youtube Video

  • I always thought Nathan Fillion would make a great Drake if a movie was ever made.. I feel like he'd nail the personality. I'll have to give this a watch this evening!

    I still think Tom Selleck would make a good Sully hehe

  • Really well made. While watching it, I actually though Fillion might still be able to fill the role but realistically he's a little too old to play Nate and they'd be looking for an obvious star to bring in the crowds.

    But ya, happy to see this get made and Stephan Lang was actually a pleasant surprise.

  • Loved this, really made me want to go back and work on the platinum trophies. That "gameplay" section was really cool and I dug the history/putting the pieces together sections, very reminiscent of the games. I love Tom Holland, but after watching this, I was nervous about the actual movie for the first time since he was cast. Not doubting Holland, but moreso doubting Sony Pictures' ability to remain this faithful while still being good

  • I don't think I'd like a full blown Uncharted live action film but this was cute.

  • Just finished watching, i absolutely loved this! They really nailed the feel of Uncharted for the most part, the dialog and humor especially. Seeing the enemies aside from the main antagonist laugh along Drake's joke was something i always wanted to see, it's rarely (or never?) done in the games.

    Speaking of Drake, Nathan Fillion is pretty superb, he is truly perfect for the role (aside from his larger body, which is a nitpick, i know). The way he jokes around the serious situation and that aha! Uncharted moment in the room is brilliant, really felt like Drake came to life right there. Performance wise, the other actors are solid too. The big bald guy is the only thing that reminded me this is a fan film.

    The gameplay-esque scene is very cute, reminded me of Hardcore Henry, it was done quite well. Loved that it ended with Drake's classic jump punch, that move really stuck to me in the games. i didn't like the fist fight scene with El Tigre, too many cuts right there, got a bit annoying for me.

    It's not hard for me to feel the passion that went into this short film, much love and respect for everyone involved in making of this beautiful gift.

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    His face already melted. A movie with him might have worked ten years ago.

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  • I liked it but I kept waiting to hear Nolan North. I couldn't watch it at first because it was weird not hearing Nolan North.