New Consoles?!...Again.

  • With Microsoft teasing some big announcement for next month's Gamescom, I have started thinking about all the consoles i have owned in my life. Aside from the NES, Genesis, and SNES, which my parents bought me, i have purchased all my own consoles since i got my first job at 15. Now while i could mention how much money that was, that part doesn't really bother me, what bothers me is doing this same song and dance again. I can't get excited about anything new these systems could promise me, oooh shiny new graphics at 4k, 60 fps, a googolplex of shiny pieces to gawk at....yay. I have never cared about pretty visual, its great when they are there, but its not gonna sell me a system.

    As it stands right now, i can't think of one thing that would enrapture me to buy another system aside from the mass exodus of developers/publishers from the 8th generation systems to the 9th. I will, i know myself, but doing so at this point doesn't have the same excitement it used to for me. I remember being excited when i bought myself a new system, not 64 kid excited but i don't think anyone was THAT excited, however these new systems don't excite me i just feel tired.

    Mostly my thoughts on the new systems are concerns, i worry about fully digital systems, multiplayer only systems, non-backward compatible systems (catch a hint, damn it!) etc. Granted we know very little about the upcoming systems, but its more of a thought exercise for me at this point: What could make me "Hyped" for a new system? and it's this question i would posit to the Allies here. Are you hyped for any information on the upcoming 9th generation of consoles? Or are you like me, filled with a sense of ennui about the whole process.

    Side-note: I know PC's are better technically, however, I have always been and will always remain a dyed in the wool console jockey.

    L and R, Allies

  • My worry with new systems is that they'll be pointless without an amazing TV. I bought a nice budget level Vizio 43" 4K TV for like $750ish three years ago and I love it but it doesn't have HDR or any of the fancy bells and whistles.

    Between rent, student debt, gas, hydro, food, etc, I only have so much to spare at the end of the month. I honestly think a new generation could really hurt me because I'll have to save up for a $1000+ TV then a $500 console. Taxes and all that too. I can go on vacation for that money.

  • I'm never really hyped about new consoles, i mean, it means that i have to spend some money again. I personally never really cared that much about graphics and such; i just really like learning about the technical stuff that goes to producing beautiful graphics, but i don't mind at all if have to live a couple years at the slow lane (waiting for 4K TVs to get really cheap). I got lucky last gen because my father got a cheap deal for a HDTV early on so i can play PS3 games in it's full glory. I would buy a new console early only to to throw away the old stuff earlier. Exclusives help accelerate that, i helped my brother bought his PS4 when Infamous Second Son came out.

    The next gen consoles will focus on 4K for sure, but i'm hoping that they have supersampling and higher framerates for us 1080p folks (i think PS4 Pro and One X already have that for some games at least, maybe it's a lock). Also, hoping for Sony to finally introduce backwards compatibility.

  • i dont really buy next gen until theres a cant miss title for this gen it was bloodborne

  • @ff7cloud
    I tried to do that at the launch of the PS4, but I was kinda caught up in the hype and the fact that I could actually buy a console at launch for the first time (seeing as everything before was given to me as gifts or took a hell of a long time to save for), granted the same repeated with the Switch but the idea of playing Breath of the Wild at work during my over night shifts was too enticing (hey if I'm done at 2am, but not allowed to leave till 5am need something to kill time)

    Anyway on subject I doubt it's a new console, if anything maybe a new SKU or X1X Slim or something like that.

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    I'm not even slightly worried about the PS5 not bein backwards compatible, at least with what is currently available on PS4. MS already announced the next Xbox will be fully BC, and unless Sony wants to go out of their way and abandon X86 architecture, it is almost a lock for BC.

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    I'm never in a rush to get into next gen. Don't think I ever have bought a console on release. I mean at the start there isnt many games and I have had games from the previous gen to still finish off.

    Also there are the infamous saying "Playing games for its graphics are like watching p0rn for its story". I do believe though that "PS5" will also play PS4 games and we kinda will stop getting a ton of games remastered. I would also need to invest in a 4k TV.

  • I keep it simple, no physical games, no buy, also my max price I'm willing to pay for a new system is 400€.
    While BC is a nice thing to have and I wish PS5 would be the ultimate Playstation that plays almost (some games required extra controllers or such and it would be too much to demand they build in PS1/2 controller and memcard ports just for that) all PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 games, region free either straight from your original disk or any digitally purchased game, I know that's just wishful thinking and most likely won't happen, so it's not really a requirement for me to buy it as I usually buy new systems to play new games, since I never sell old systems (I still have my PS2, PS3, Wii, Wii U and 360 partially hooked, retro consoles my Retron 5 doesn't cover (N64, GC, Xbox, Dreamcast, Saturn) are ready to be played in 10 minutes max.).
    Tbh I could wait till at least 2020 for new consoles to come out, my backlog is big.

  • It still feels like this gen has barely gotten started, but then again it has been nearly 5 years and the 7th gen did overstay its welcome by a bit.

    First year or so tends to be quite rough in the games library department for new consoles, as far as worthy exclusives go (Nintendo bucked the trend in that regard with the Switch) so I'm hoping more Bloodbornes/Horizons/Last of Us/God of Wars around launch and less Knacks and Killzone Shadow Falls.

  • @smoothrunes

    The Switch was an anomaly and they intentionally held off Zelda so it can release on Switch. PS5 is gonna launch with more Knack's and Shadow Falls probably because the PS4 will wrap with the heavy hitters like TLOU Pt 2, and God of War 2.

    Nothing was worse than PS3. I had no reason to get one cause PS2 had amazing releases in 2007. But I'll take some good games within launch year as opposed to launch.

  • I love picking up more systems, bring it on. It would have to have promise exclusives obviously, but if they ever go with the decision to release a box where there's simply no media drive, relying on digital download and streaming only, then I'm out for good.

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    I'm confident the PS5 will be backwards compatible. It will be much easier to achieve with X86 than with the weird architecture of the PS3's Cell/RSX. I look forward to playing slideshows like The Last Guardian at 60 fps or even a stable 30 at 4K. Physical games aren't gonna be killed off yet. They make a lot of money still.

  • @dipset Don't worry about it. 4k as it is - is very hard to get natively. So, Microsoft and Sony will have to do whatever it takes to get it natively playable. HDR is miniscule that doesn't really "add" to gameplay, it's just one of "that looks awesome" kinda thing.

    This time, when I buy PS5 or whatever Microsoft, Google, and yes, apple makes - they will have to convince me that this is "future proofed" and has to convince me that this won't break on me on the first year.

    The way Sony, Microsoft, Google, Apple, and yes, Nintendo will have to convince me that the console they're selling is 100% native, and none of this checkerboarding crap from PS4 Pro/Xbox One X. I really don't care how much it costs anymore, just as long as you give me a high quality console that lasts as long as the current PS4/Pro.

    I love Sony and PlayStation, but I am very disappointed by PS4 Pro, considering that Sony is the hardware king... I was expecting better than that.

    I want the next console to be developed with "passion." It has to show. I expect that this time around.
    @ezekiel said in New Consoles?!...Again.:

    I'm confident the PS5 will be backwards compatible. It will be much easier to achieve with X86 than with the weird architecture of the PS3's Cell/RSX. I look forward to playing slideshows like The Last Guardian at 60 fps or even a stable 30 at 4K. Physical games aren't gonna be killed off yet. They make a lot of money still.

    However, x86 has some bottlenecks. I was in a conversation with a techie at a tech event early this year and he said x86 IS easy to develop for, but it's technically inferior to anything on the PC market. Most games are locked at 60fps, but it could go higher if Sony allowed it. PS4 Pro for another example still uses x86, but unlocks the fps to a new clockspeed. Hearing that, I felt a bit cheated, ripped off. I still love my PS4, but that doesn't change my disappointment. They fixed the issue later, but I expected better from Sony.

    If you are curious, here are some videos that reflect what I'm saying now...
    Youtube Video

    The next video is about YouTube in general, but just watch…
    Youtube Video

    Oh, and don't expect me to buy that shitty streaming box that Microsoft is teasing with scarlett. No way. I am not going to buy into the digital only future.

  • The “digital only future” is indeed bad. I love to have a physical copy of stuff since it at least gives you a pretty shelf. Unfortunately discs these days just contain a code to download the game, and no instructions since it can all be found online. Imagine living in a rural area where you can’t get more than, say, 10 megabits per second? Ugh.

    And another thing: the Internet seems to be growing more bloated and JS-heavy, using up RAM and data for no apparent reason other than “it’s usually there so we’ll fill it up”! Games are seemingly getting like this too...

    Also, another thing I’d like to say, I’m not really excited for next generation. PS2 and GT3 wow’s me more than GT Sport for instance...

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    @jamie2k01 said in New Consoles?!...Again.:

    Also, another thing I’d like to say, I’m not really excited for next generation. PS2 and GT3 wow’s me more than GT Sport for instance...

    Can I ask why, exactly? From a gameplay perspective, the series has never been better. The game launched a bit light on content, but every month since we have seen pretty beefy updates. Graphics, physics, driving model, online features... GT really is the best it's ever been, at least now.

  • Maybe it’s me looking through nostalgia glasses but I just feel more of a technical sense of achievement when playing either GT2 or GT3: A-Spec :P

  • I'm less hyped for the immediate new PS5 and XBOX as I feel rather burned that I am wanting to get both Pro and X upgrades, and so will be waiting until near the end of the next gen's life cycle to purge through all the bargains on games that will likely be available. I guess I'm more than intrigued to see how aggressive Microsoft will be given their unclear current sales.