Days Gone (PS4)

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  • @el-shmiablo That's awesome, I know the game isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea but I'm hoping even with lackluster reviews this is a success for Bend (this would seem to be the case but you never know what Sony and Bend were expecting internally). Mostly this game seemed like what the studio wanted to make and I like to see projects like that be successful.

  • @themarcv
    Sony :1 billion copies sold
    Bend: What about like 3 or 4 million?

  • The game is a success in Europe beating Mortal Kombat in the charts.

  • Good news all around, Bend absolutely deserve it.

  • Just finished the game (didn't expect it to be so long), and I love it. Here's a few notes from me:

    • I really enjoyed the story. While the story itself isn't the most unpredictable or original, the writing and voice performances of the characters is pretty great, and they managed to carry the whole story without too much trouble.
    • Deacon is awesome, he is written very well and Sam Witwer did one hell of a job playing as him. He made the game infinitely better, can't imagine playing as anyone else. The cast of characters here is great overall.
    • The whole thing of keeping the balance between using the scraps for your melee weapon and bike is done very well. They're not too hard to find, but you still have to work for it, and it's a great feeling to have it in full stock.
    • I love riding my bike. I love upgrading my bike. I love putting personal colors on my bike. Almost everything about the bike is excellent. Every performance upgrade is palpable.
    • Fighting the hordes is a blast! It's not to be taken lightly, they will tear you whole easily and that makes it one hell of an adrenaline rush.
    • The night skybox is top tier.
    • The frame drops in this game is out of control, just like the hordes. The Pokemon Company would name this game Frame Drop City Plus +. My PS4 was at it knees at times, begging for mercy.
    • The game crashed on me twice in the course of my playthrough.
    • I can't really speak about the repetitiveness of the side missions since I didn't go out of my way too much to do them. I didn't get tired of them though, it's just that the main missions are far more entertaining.
    • Great soundtrack! All the songs with lyrics are beautiful. Also, there's one spooky theme that comes up when it's snowing (I think it's how it's triggered, can't say for sure) that I want to give a shaodao.

    I would be torn apart if I had to give it a score, because I'm feeling a strong eight to a light nine but it's just so damn janky and unpolished at times.

    Also, I got a few clips from the game that might be fun to share here later.

  • Hell the noise my system emits when playing Days Gone is insane, like I can hear it even with headphones on max volume.

    I might be wrong but I think that's because on Pro it defaults to 4K and Super Sample's down to 1080p.
    Honestly I wish they'd put in some visual/ performance options soon

  • Youtube Video

    There's gonna be infinite hordes one day, and that's quite terrifying.

  • Finally finished this after two months of on/off playing. A pretty long game, I'd say! Sure, I finished a few others inbetween there, but still, this one had a lengthy journey. Luckily though it kept getting better all the time! The beginning was the worst, I felt no interest to continue, but Deacon finally arrived to Lost Lake things started rolling on in a considerably more interesting way. Almost like day and night. From there on the plot kept me interested as it had interesting characters and some suitable twists and turns. Like I said, it was better all the time.

    The motorcycle was a cool vehicle and Deacon a stand-up guy. (Even if he did have his cap on at his wedding in one flashback!) The Hordes became finally easy after I got some more serious firepower from the southern-most area. I now feel like eradicating all the rest of the Hordes from the map, as well as a few enemy hideouts. Going for the platinum, I mean. Might as well after putting so many hours into the game already.

  • I got the platinum trophy as well now. Got rid of all the hordes on the map, too, they were really easy with that Chicago Chopper submachine gun. I also managed to max out all my health, stamina and focus now in the final hours of my post-campaign travels.

    This a pretty cool game in the end, it hooked me more the more I played it.

  • @sentinel-beach Congrads! I really enjoyed my time with this game as well. The one little weird mechanic I really enjoyed was managing the gas for the bike. It's not super important and as you upgrade it even less so but I really enjoyed planning out where I would stop to refuel along the way on long trips. I know it didn't review very well but I hope Sony and Bend see this game as win.

  • @themarcv It did incredibly well in sales so I'm sure we'll see more.

    Fun fact: the game is set in the Syphon Filter universe.