Days Gone (PS4)

  • @bard91

    I'd agree that its silly that they don't just admit their zombies, they might have different mechanics to them (I recall hearing they have to eat/drink/sleep which is kinda unique) but they are still zombies.

    I'd even agree that their first reveal didn't really blow me out of the water either. I also wasn't crazy with them showing that one horde where he was just unloading a machine into an unstoppable wave of zombies. I kept an open mind about the game, and the more ive seen the more interested I've become.

    I think its cool you have to maintain your bike. I think its awesome animals also turn into zombies. I like how there are different types of zombies like the little kid ones that act differently. I'm optimistic about the story and characters. I also think it just looks fun, I like riding a motorcycle off road and it seems really cool to kinda sneak around these zombie filled areas.

    I understand a lot of people just aren't going to be into it, totally in their right to not be interested in something. All I'm saying is that I felt a lot of people were writing it off too early. I don't think this game is going to be the next GOW, but I do think while some people are seeing a 6 maybe low 7s I'm seeing an 8 game.

  • I completely understand that most people are all burnt out with zombies these days (with some exceptions of course), so i'm fine with people writing it off. I'm sure a lot of people will ignore it even if it had great reviews just because of it, it's just the state of zombies in today's pop culture. I think it already caught the attention of it's target audience, so it's not all bad news.

    Aside from the dev won't admitting that they're making a zombie game, all the stuff i seen and heard from the extended gameplays and interviews are pretty promising for me. I just imagine myself exploring that world, and the kind of random encounters that i would be having with the zombie hordes and wildlife, and how intense those moments would be. It reminds me a bit of RDR Undead Nightmare, i've been caught off guard many times by a few zombies while i was just exploring for a bit, and it scared the heck out of me. I imagine that Days Gone is that but quadrupled. Navigating around and through hordes of disgusting freakos will get my heart pumping, and i hope that the game also encourages exploration to dangerous areas.

    I don't think it will be another super positive defining moment for the PS4, but it'll be a fun game to mess around with and i consider that to be a great trait to have these days. It'll probably my comfort game, as ridiculous as that sounds considering what i said earlier, lol.

  • @bam541

    Well put, I think there's going to be a lot of fun to be had in this game. There's also going to people that can't look past, its more zombies. To each their own, 2019 doesn't seem like it'll have a lack of variety so hopefully everyone has something to look forward to.

  • People that say that they're burnt out by Zombies don't play Zombie games to begin with.

  • @iboshow They don't play them because they're burnt out on them?

    I think it was more just that for awhile a large percentage of the new games coming out were zombie-like games, and people just got sick of the lack of creative variety. Days Gone has taken so long to release that the trend is kind of behind us now though, besides your annual CoD Zombies and the like, which is practically tradition now. Wouldn't call the theme oversaturated today like I would when the game was first announced, so really that should be the least of this zombie game's worries. Besides, from the beginning this game was mildly exciting for attempting to do a zombie hoard right from an AI standpoint, which hasn't really been properly executed before. Lots of us are just expecting this game to fail at it too if the game runs as poorly as it has appeared to at past events.

  • I don't mean to beat on the game but yeah I know that at least for me is not just that the theme is burnt out, but that the type of game has also been pretty saturated lately, meaning open world games.

    The game may have some cool ideas of its own but overall I also feel there have been so many games with a focus on open worlds that there's really not much differentiating Days Gone from all of the others.

    At the very least I would say the game's marketing has done a pretty poor job in selling the game to anyone that's not on board with the idea out of the gate.

  • IGN's coverage of the most promising part of this game to me. I think it's just like the Game Informer stuff shown from last year, but it's still so cool to see the horde combat.

    Youtube Video

  • The horde combat is what Damiani liked and seems like it's what most people liked the most that played it

  • Seems like Sony is starting to push this game more. This weekend they had IGN do a bunch of sponsored videos from PAX South. Personally I would have waited a bit closer to release but think they want to keep the game in people's mind.

  • Jim Sterling raised a good point in a video he did reviewing the latest video for the game.
    If this had been released closer to the start of the gen when Zombie Mania was at it's absolute peak and nobody had really seen a game with such fluid horde kinematics, it would have blown people's fucking minds to bits.
    Now we're approaching the end of the gen, people don't care about zombies anymore, and there are, like, 4 other games that have already done/are doing the gigantic horde thing.

    I'm predicting 75-80 meta and topping out around 5 million sales. This game is surprisingly popular with normies.

  • @el-shmiablo
    What other games are doing the horde thing, only thing that comes to mind is WWZ.

  • @el-shmiablo What game calls a horde of 300 zombies small and Zombie Mania peak has never reached, it keeps rising.

  • @dmcmaster Does State of Decay 2 count? Obviously wasn't as impressive numbers, and the game itself felt like it flopped, but that's what came to my mind. Dead Rising 4 is another failed attempt, even though I'm pretty sure those zombies don't travel in packs in any intentional way, but you can't really deny it being a horde of zombies. Dying Light is another example, and a sequel is on the way for that. We're a couple years out from when that craze was massive, but Days Gone was also announced what feels like ages ago, off the coattails of the craze if nothing else.

    In the case of Days Gone it is more about the supposed way the horde roams with actual AI rather than just having a big ass pile of zombies though. Can't think of anything that's attempted that on the same scale, but how buggy this game has looked might be exactly why nobody else has taken an honest crack at it.

  • It's weird the more i hear about the game the more I like like it(pretty deep mechanics etc) but the more I watch the game the less interested I am, many aspects of the shooting and gameplay don't look all that great. I have hopes being a Sony exclusive meaning they likely got the time they needed but yeah.

  • I guess people aren't hyped for this or Resident Evil 2. No one cares about Zombies anymore.

  • @iboshow i think people are hyped for both games, maybe more for RE2, but it depends where you look, also imo both games serve the casuals (gamers that don't watch/listen to gaming podcasts or use gaming forums).

  • @iboshow I think the difference is that RE2 is a remake of one of the original zombie games and one of the most beloved entries in an incredibly popular and long running series, while Days Gone is just that other zombie game Sony makes.

  • @el-shmiablo Sony's second zombie game after their first one is considered to be the best game of a generation. If it's another Zombie game then it's the 50th Capcom zombie game.

  • Also, zombies in Resident Evil are meant to scare you, catch you off guard. Turn the corner, the camera changes and BAM! 12 zombies.

    It's a shooting target, a plot device, a cinematic fear tactic as well as a fear tactic based on ammo, health, and how you manage resources. Very few games do zombies like Resident Evil does. Horde zombies can be great. I think of Dead Rising 1 and 2, or Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, but those games don't provide scares, cinematic moments, or fear based on survival skills.

    What Days Gone has going for it is that it might merge open world survival sim and horde zombies well to create tense and scary moments. I personally, don't see it based on the gameplay demos where the player mows down hundreds of zombies and has unlimited ammo essentially.

    I'll fess up if this turns out different than I expect.

  • @dipset The point is people talk about that people are sick of Zombie games when 2 of the most desired games so far are TLOU II and RE2.