Days Gone (PS4)

  • New trailer, I don't think it's a good one. I wish that i can hear what the characters are saying, the music is too loud, you can just use a instrumental piece of the song and that would work better. Can't say I'm sold on the story yet. It'll probably work better if they just show the wedding scene first then switch to the present time at the very end.

    Youtube Video

  • I wanted to see more of the wedding.

  • @bam541 Yeah seriously, I was really hoping they could finally convince me with that trailer, especially since they've been hyping it for days. And like you said, I could barely hear what she was saying, and it just didn't sell me enough on their relationship when the whole purpose of the trailer was to make feel something, anything.

    I don't think there's anything they can do at this point to sell me on this game.

  • I just realized that's Sam Witwer. Not used to seeing him with a beard. (as he is usually shown in Days Gone). But clean shaven, it's unmistakably him. Guess I haven't been paying attention.

  • @tokyoslim lol, I was saying to myself. That's Sam Witwer, did I know this information?

  • Who's Sam Witwer?

  • Yeah It's Sam Witwer, I thought that's not a secret anymore lol, i guess a beard can make all the difference.

    @DMCMaster He's Starkiller from The Force Unleashed games

  • He's also the voice actor of both Darth Maul and Emperor Palpatine and a bunch of other voices in most Star Wars stuff, including But not limited to, Clone Wars, Rebels, Solo, Battlefront, The Force Unleashed, etc. Was one of the leads in the US remake of Being Human ( he was the Vampire roommate) and he was on Smallville for a while.

    Was also the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Star Wars trivia champion for a bit until he stepped down due to his work scheduling interfering with being able to defend his title.

  • That trailer was edited by an amateur. How did this pass QA?

  • Man, I feel like a sucker cuz this kinda worked on me. I agree the audio mixing was a little odd but i dunno, I'm kinda vested in these characters. It felt like this place really meant something to this character and I kinda buy in to their relationship. I was already really interested in this game so maybe it's just easier for me to have these trailers win me over but I'm excited for this game. My only gripe with their recent marketing push is I think its a little too soon, game is still a couple months away but I'm sold, very much looking forward to this.

  • They haven't really been making a big deal about Sam Witwer being in this game, so not surprised it's flown under the radar.
    Being an obsessed voice actor fan, I thought it was him from an earlier gameplay video but that beard threw me, and the nose looked weird.
    I like him a lot, so him being the main character actually made me more interested. Not sure I'll play it, because those zombie hordes look stressful, but I hope it does well.

  • @inustar Spider-Man didn't announce Yuri Lowenthal is Peter until e3 2018 I believe and I was like, isn't this obvious. No idea why in video games they don't announce the voice actor early.

  • @iboshow voice actors don't get the prestige that regular actors do, so I'm not surprised they don't announce them earlier. They seem to only care when it's a big character, so for Spider-Man it made sense, or if it's a celebrity playing them like Rhonda Rousey playing Sonya in MK11.

  • Is it bad that I have no idea who Sam Witwer is and never heard of Yuri Lowenthal before he was nominated at the Game Awards last year?

  • @axel Nah. He's not super famous or anything, but he's well known in like Star Wars Clone Wars/Rebels circles and Trivia circles. Also, I watched Being Human for 2 seasons back in the day. I didn't even know he did voice acting until I saw him on trivia shmoedown.

    He's very distinct looking though.
    alt text

  • @axel
    Here's a great video of Yuri and Yuri.

    @TokyoSlim To me it's Dooms Day from Smallsville,the big bad in Supergirl and the obvious protag of Force Unleashed.

  • @TokyoSlim He's the new voice of Darth Maul!

    Also I enjoyed him as Tank Zombie in the first episode of Walking Dead ☺

  • @inustar "New" (He's been the voice of Darth Maul for six years!)

  • He is the guy from Dexter who claimed he was a serial killer, he has a disturbing look and a very good actor, more reasons to get hyped for days gone.