Days Gone (PS4)

  • @iboshow voice actors don't get the prestige that regular actors do, so I'm not surprised they don't announce them earlier. They seem to only care when it's a big character, so for Spider-Man it made sense, or if it's a celebrity playing them like Rhonda Rousey playing Sonya in MK11.

  • Is it bad that I have no idea who Sam Witwer is and never heard of Yuri Lowenthal before he was nominated at the Game Awards last year?

  • @axel Nah. He's not super famous or anything, but he's well known in like Star Wars Clone Wars/Rebels circles and Trivia circles. Also, I watched Being Human for 2 seasons back in the day. I didn't even know he did voice acting until I saw him on trivia shmoedown.

    He's very distinct looking though.
    alt text

  • @axel
    Here's a great video of Yuri and Yuri.

    @TokyoSlim To me it's Dooms Day from Smallsville,the big bad in Supergirl and the obvious protag of Force Unleashed.

  • @TokyoSlim He's the new voice of Darth Maul!

    Also I enjoyed him as Tank Zombie in the first episode of Walking Dead ☺

  • @inustar "New" (He's been the voice of Darth Maul for six years!)

  • He is the guy from Dexter who claimed he was a serial killer, he has a disturbing look and a very good actor, more reasons to get hyped for days gone.

  • Oh baby, a 38 minute preview! I'll post a little summary of the whole preview after I finish watching it.

    Youtube Video

    Here's my summary. For the record, Jones played on Easy, the demo is running on PS4 Pro.

    Gameplay stuff:

    • Framerate is "so much better" compared to the last demo, with no noticable graphical downgrade.
    • The blood splatters are not terrific. Shooting enemies doesn't feel as good as Jones wanted.
    • There's a good amount of open world jank. Facial animations aren't as good "as in other open world games."
    • Zombie nests in the world are fast travel points once you clear them out.
    • You can booby trap enemy bikes, so they blow up when the enemies use them. Enemies can mess with your bike too.
    • The base camps in the world seems have their own unique qualities and characters (the demo only had 2 bases).
    • Stealth around the zombie hordes is "pretty easy" as long you're careful. Of course, once you're found out it won't be easy dealing with them.
    • Gas goes away quick, you can either find gas or get back to base and buy them.
    • Rain makes stealth easier and reduces visibility of the enemies. It also makes the road muddier (bike sliding hype!).
    • You can sell resources to camps to get credits. As you do missions for each camps, they trust you more and the resources prices goes down. Jones didn't know if the credits carry over to other camp or not.
    • You can fill up ammo and fix your bike in the camps. The risk is how far you're willing to travel and scavenge before you decide to return.
    • The bike feels good. It seems that you have to be careful since it can be damaged quite easily. Landing a jump incorrectly can damage it.

    Story stuff:

    • The story is "quite prominent".
    • You're playing as a bounty hunter!
    • "NERO" is the Umbrella organization in this world. Lab people collecting zombies to experiment.
    • Deacon (main character) has "a few screws loose". He can put himself in dangerous positions.
    • There's lots of flashbacks, Sarah (Deacon's wife) is quite prominent, there's also ties to NERO in the flashbacks.
    • The story is divided into story arcs. There's a story arc specific to Sarah.
    • Deacon talks a lot, a lot of low volume mumbling to himself. Jones really likes his VO and his characterization.

  • I wonder what the performance will be like on base PS4.

  • Already added the preview summary below. This preview got me hyped again, after the last story trailer that left a bad taste in my mouth. Risky world exploration, intense combat, with a surprising focus to the story. I'm especially pleased that Jones likes Deacon's character, and has good things to say about other characters and such. The gunplay is my only concern right now.

    @HoloGraphics I'm optimistic that it'll run well, as Jones said in the preview the performance has been improved from the last demo, it "runs really really well". The demo is running on PS4 pro, of course, but I can't imagine them letting the base PS4 run badly.

  • Congrats

  • Finally, the PS4's touchpad is useful again :v