Days Gone (PS4)

  • Eagerly anticipating that 20 PSN bux arriving in my inbox.

  • @el-shmiablo
    Why the snail mail?

    I'm a idiot, saw mailbox instead of inbox.

    Was there some promo for ordering it?

  • @dmcmaster Haha no. Have a running bet with another forumite about the game's metacritic. Basically it needs to score over a 70 and I'm 20 PSN zennies the richer.

  • Another "easy" platinum? I'm down for another fun complete-the-game trophy like Spider-Man.

  • The new story trailer from the State of Play that just happened. I really enjoyed it, finally got me to care about the story.

    Youtube Video

  • Also, this is pretty rad.
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  • The marketing keeps chugging.

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • They really have blasted into full gear with the marketing for this game.
    I think I'm even starting to fall for it.

    Definitely not going to get it at full price, but PS exclusives generally drop down to 30 maplemonies pretty quickly. I saw God of War for about that on the PSN store the other day and was blown away that such an incredible game is going for what I spend on take out in a night.

  • The embargo has been lifted, and here's Brandon's review!

    Youtube Video

    Opencritic's sitting at 72 as of this moment, out of 37 reviews.

    It sounds mostly to be the game i expected and wanted. Framerate issues and bugginess I expected too, but it's the most worrying part for me. Still, I'm gonna get the game very soon.

  • This sounds like a lot of busywork which is a shame. Lots of resource gathering and such. Same kind of side missions. And traveling in a world that sounds a bit too big, maybe? Which again demands more gas collecting etc. The story sounds kind of interesting, but at this point I'll pass and wait for a better day.

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    I'm getting it regardless just because a friend got a second cheap copy that time amazon had E3 deals going but man.. I was honestly expecting closer to low 80s for it.
    I've seen a few gifs and things here and there where the performance seems to be insanely bad. I'm kinda shocked with all the time that the performance wasn't resolved. Seems like the delay wasn't just an economic reason after all.

  • Come oooon Metacritic gimme that sweet sweet 70.

  • There's a point where just adding "emotional cinematic" secret sauce just isn't enough. To be honest Spiderman was the last Sony exclusive I jumped blindly and by the end of the game I was completely fed up. If there was a GamePass like service (with access to all new releases) I would play it. Still looks like it can be entertaining, I'll just wait until it's dirty cheap.

  • For the sake of my bet, I wish some of the unscored publications would man-up and slap this game with a dirty 50. Vice Waypoint for example basically quit the game at 20 hours because they didn't want to play it anymore.

    @Waypoint said:

    And that’s Days Gone in a nutshell: a waste of time that doesn’t get you anything decent in return. I could have written everything here after a few hours of playing, but I kept thinking “There’s gotta be something around the corner to justify all this.” And so I’d play a few hours, and then a few more. Soon, a big plot turn was being communicated, and so I gave the game another chance. But that, like Deacon’s code, was just a long con. A game with a billion carrots on a stick, but no matter how many you eat, you’re still hungry, but at that point, the sunk cost of eating these damn carrots is so large you might as well keep eating.

    Eurogamer took a big fat shit on it but they didn't give it a score.

    @Eurogamer said:

    I'm glad to say that after everything games have done in recent years to establish women, in Days Gone we're back to them existing entirely to enable the male protagonist's pain. This isn't helped by Sarah coming across as a woman who seems to be as dumb as bricks for most of the flashbacks.

    I wasn't expecting Days Gone to add anything new to the genre, but both in terms of its systems and its story it's uninspired, which is driven home by the fact that it's endlessly, needlessly long. I'm begging you, haven't we done this enough?

    ...but no score :(

    I wanna win this damn bet. Drop to a 69/100!!

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  • Basically sounds like what I expected from this one, except maybe the zombie hordes are more stable than expected, which maybe was where all that extra time went to making sure it worked well. Just sounds like the whole game around it also needed that extra polish and didn't get it, but I can respect the devs if they had to make a difficult choice for what area of the game to touch up and stuck to trying to deliver the promise of what made the game originally interesting.

  • Slant Magazine out here trying to fuck me up with a goddamn 30 like come on bro this ain't Big Rigs.

  • I'm keen to play this, I don't know a lot about it though. Zombie games I've struggled to finish though include Dead Island and Dying Light. Both got very repetitive, very fast.

  • Personally I was hoping the reviews would surprise people. Was thinking it might get in the 80s but it seems like bugs, pop in, repetition and being too long really boggled it down. At least from the range of scores it seems like there is some fun to be had here and depending on how much those issues bug you your enjoyment mileage may vary.

    Still excited to play this thing tomorrow, was just hoping the final product would have been a bit better. Glad they took a couple extra months to polish, hate to think how it was running a few months back.