Days Gone (PS4)

  • @dmcmaster Haven't played it, but probably better to get other stuff now, then come back for it later in case they patch up some of the loose ends over time, so you get the best experience with it when you do play it.

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    @DMCMaster @bam541 It can be a month early or just a week early for review copies, every publisher is different, but it can also be just a few days before or on release which sucks.

  • @DMCMaster @Kristen-Rogers yeah, I guess it just comes down to each publisher. I'm glad they gave out this game pretty early.

    The update just finished, I haven't started it up though. I'm "busy".

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    This game has some really jarring cut scenes I find. Just lots of cuts and loading screens. That is probably my biggest criticism so far

  • @tokeeffe9 Agreed, I have the same issue. Too many cuts for no reason.

  • Played for 2 hours plus, really enjoying it so far. Moving around as Deke feels nice; it's quite weighty. Bike controls are great, they seem to represent the bike performance accurately. The gunplay and melee feels a bit better than I expected from seeing the Allies' preview, aiming is solid and accurate (not using the aim assists). I like that the game starts off pretty quick, just a short intro then right into the present events. The game looks pretty nice, no complains here graphics wise aside from some very minor glitches. I already saw some frame rate dips, they might be random since there's not much happening at the screen when they happened.

    I second what you guys said about the cuts and loading screens, they're quite abrupt too but at least they're not lengthy at all. Still jarring though. I'm also a bit annoyed by the lack of some little details like an actual flashlight model on your character, It's like the lights' coming out of my eyes. Open world jank, I guess.

    The photo mode's pretty nice too, comparable to the one in Uncharted 4, with possibly more flexible camera placements (I need to test this out more).

    1_1556558975465_DAYS GONE_20190430010846_compressed.jpg

    0_1556558975464_DAYS GONE_20190430010441_compressed.jpg

  • Anyone late in the game already I want to play it eventually but am curious to know how old/boring it gets

  • Got to play maybe 4-5 hours over the weekend. Biggest issues are what's been mentioned before; mostly long load times, too many hard cuts (biggest issue for me so far) and frame rate issues. None of those have really dampened my enjoyment so far, but they can kinda take you out of the experience and those mostly being the rough cuts in the cut scenes. I had one flashback where it mostly just replayed a previous cutscene. The new scene gave a little more context but I really didn't need to re-watch it again. Also some scenes where you ask, why did they include that, or why did they do that right now?

    Negatives out of the way there's a lot to enjoy here. I like planning out trips, in which I want to get to A, but I should stop at B to refuel and since im right there maybe do C's side quest too. It's been fun trying to conserve gas by going idle downhill and such. Stealth is simple but enjoyable and combat feels alright. Melee hits have a good weight behind them and the dodge roll feels great.

    The game is rough, I think the meta of 72 doesn't seem off base but I think if your into Open World games, and post apocalyptic stuff these issues might not out weigh the good the game has.

  • @phbz it's actually more fun as time goes on because of what you unlock. If you don't mind the jank that is.

  • Stumbled on my first horde (death train), it's pretty terrifying seeing them run out of the train doors, especially since I didn't expect them at all. I would have died if I didn't have so much ammo and molotovs. So intense.

    Also, I'm surprised by how engaged I am with the story so far. Deacon's an entertaining character, very well acted. His responses each time I skip Radio Free Oregon broadcasts (which is all the time) is on point. The other characters I met so far aren't shabby either, it's a "fun" bunch. This game gets better as it goes and I'm having quite a blast.

  • So I'm starting to see a pretty big divide in the reception of this game between review scores and how regular users feel.
    I'm not saying one or the other is right or wrong, but that I haven't seen such a strong divide in reception over a game in a while.

    Still not super interested, but what I've seen and heard from friends who have played the game is at least a lot more positive than I had expected.

    Either way GG for getting over a 70 on Meta and winning me that bet, Days Gone. I'll be playing some Wolf 2 today because of you.

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    I don't know. I think something like Detroit was a far more divisive game.

    From what I've played of Days Gone and seen from opinions and reviews is that it's a solid all round game that doesn't do anything particularly exceptional. Hitting that 7ish mark in reviews seems pretty reflective of that stance I think.

  • Played for an hour and i like it but i can see the "swimming in 7" feel of the game.

  • Beautiful skybox.

    Came across this, I must say it's a kinda more disgusting than the severed bodies I've seen so far.
    0_1557178463423_DAYS GONE_20190506125059_compressed.jpg

    Also, the frame rate issues getting worse randomly. Granted, my PS4's been running all day, so I'll see if it's still as bad after letting it cool off.

  • Japan's feeling it.

  • That's kinda surprising, seems like something that would flop pretty badly in Japan.

  • @dmcmaster Right? I was curious about this so I went to look for Japanese comments about DG in twitter and youtube. Overall sentiments are pretty positive. It seems that many people is excited for it because it's similar to TLOU, which is funny. I'm just using google translate though, I could be reading it wrong (it took me a while to realize that Google translated "freakers" as "free cars", I was so confused by this lol). Also, I found the video below, Sony's definitely doing some marketing for the game there.

    Youtube Video

  • Have to give Sony some credit on the sales of the game, they really did ramp up the marketing on Days Gone a ton right before release. I don't watch TV so I don't know how hard they pushed on that platform but the week or so leading up I was seeing Days Gone ads on Hulu all the time. Not to mention on every gaming site I'd visit.

    Glad Sony pushed it, I think this game will appeal to a lot of the more casual fan base that isn't burned out on Zombie and Open World games. Still surprising to see it doing so well in Japan though. Hope the game sells well, I'm glad Sony is letting their first party devs get to make what they want, even if it doesn't always pan out (see The Order 1886)

  • This is a really cool revelation if it is true, a bit of a spoiler warning first though:

  • Went ahead and got it after realizing I had a shit ton of points via gamestop , and got it for $10.

    So far it's not bad although I do wish the blue question Mark's stayed on the mini map longer .