Speedrun Thread

  • Hey guys any speed runners out there? I haven't done speedruns since Resident Evil 2 but thought I might get back into it. Also whats your thoughts on the whole speedrunning scene?

  • While I have respect for good speedrunners, I never could do that.

  • I have considered doing speedruns before, but it never really took off.

    There's still much i don't know about the scene, but i only heard crazy and super interesting stuff about them. I find it ridiculous how dedicated some of them can be, long years of work just to speed up a couple seconds in a specific part of the game.

  • I suppose I have done very "casual" speedrunning. The kind where you don't really know any of the skips and tricks and just try to beat the game as quick as possible.

    I have the utmost respect for the ironclad will that actual speedrunners need to have. Their fortitude almost seems superhuman at times. I can never imagine putting in so many hours of work for incremental payoffs, especially with all the failures involved. The people who speedrun games that are 1 hour+ runs are extra crazy, cause something can go wrong at the last minute to completely forfeit the entire effort.

  • Love watching them but zero interest in doing one of them, especially since the games I like to replay are not really speed run friendly, the most likely one I might try would be Psychonauts one which is a lot of fun.

    I always watch a good amount of GDQ and Limit Break when they are happening, but there are plenty of times in those were I think they are just poorly managed and paced, like sure I like watching a Megaman speedrun, but it is boring to see 5 of those in a row in the spawn of 4 hours.

  • I started speedrunning a little with Goldeneye, and then went hard with Perfect Dark, which then continued off and on for a few years. I never tried to get to the top ranks of the leaderboards, but I did enjoy studying the leading strategies at The-Elite .net and modifying them to be workable to my skill level. That period with GE & PD sparked in me a more general interest in speedrunning as an activity I could do with every game even if there wasn't an illustrious community around it, i.e. a solitary activity. I remember heavily routing Majora's Mask and Final Fantasy 6 during the early 2000's in particular, but more importantly I found it fun to go for fast completions in a dozen other games without demanding from myself as much heavy lifting.

    The hard thing I always find difficult to talk about in these discussions is how "Speedrunning" had a completely different meaning 15, 20 years ago. Long before GDQs, long before Twitch and so on. If there was no community for the game, then speedrunning was something you did just because you wanted to, without any encouragement or external validation. And "speedrunning a game" did not carry with it the heavy connotations that it does today. Today, saying such a thing is going to be interpreted as you are playing the same game over and over for months if not a year and you are actively keeping up with the top strategies. There was a time where it meant something far, far lighter, where you just practiced a speedy route a couple times, got a complete run or two, and then moved on with life with no more than a week or so being spent. Often there weren't any 'top strategies' or 'speed tech', because there wasn't a community pushing the game to those kind of boundaries (for a long time the number of such communities was short enough to be listable!). For many players, speedrunning was more like a type of side activity or self imposed challenge, and they didn't record it or post times. If you were competetive or passionate for the game then maybe you wouldn't let go and would strive to improve your times again and again, but that wasn't yet baked into the meaning of the word 'speedrun'.

    I haven't stopped speedrunning games old and new, but it is much more often in old sense of the term (without the abundant repetition and competitiveness).