ChaosBahamut's Introduction (plus AMA)

  • Figured I'd introduce myself to everyone (mainly everyone who isn't a fellow Gametrailers migrator) so I'm gonna do just that.

    First name's Jack (that's all you're getting), I hail from a small rock called Earth, and I've been a gamer since 92-93. (can't exactly remember which) Hobbies include gaming (duh), random web surfing, chilling outside with my dog, and the occasional nature hike. (especially if I manage to see any cool stuff, like a peregrine falcon resting on its perch(and for the record, I did))

    Can't really think of anything else to say atm so this blog will also serve as a Reddit-esque AMA. (ask me anything) Go wild. (will not guarantee that every question will get an answer though)