You guys ever smoke DMT?

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    here is an excellent representation of what one might expect to experience on this psychedelic

    im not gonna say whether or not I've done it before, because i have family members that may or may not follow me on this forum, but i would love to hear about your individual experience if you have one

    i will say this: DMT is like finding out that everything you've ever experienced in life is 0.000000000000001% of all that is. you certainly feel connected to a higher power

    "from what i've read" it forces an out of body experience. in my understanding, we are all existing in a continuous psychedelic trip. "God's dream" i think of it as

    i felt an intuitive understanding of the natural ebb and flow of energy. i felt a resting, peaceful, loving "blue energy" alongside a sort of "caffeinated" red energy, perfect compliments of each other. God showed me things he had been preparing for me to see since the beginning of time, things better understood than articulated.

    magic is real. i left my body. i was. it is.

    lately i've been meditating on the infinity of the Lord. what's really beautiful is that after the trip was over, i realized that it doesn't end. like Carl Jung said "the highest truth is one and the same with the absurd"

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    As DMT as a substance is a grey area, both morally and legally, I dont feel comfortable to have a discussion open about it on this forum. Hence why I will lock this thread.