Who makes your favorite threads on this forum?

  • Banned

    no voting for yourself

    love me a good black-cell thread. award for best replies goes to sabotagethetruth. honorable mention brawlman

    best mod is mcrmj

  • Well thanks for the love there, I appreciate it.

    Gotta give some love to @Brannox for creating a lot of various threads on here that keep us active and having some of the most well thought out replies, even to some of the unkind comments. The lists created by @Axel and @Exist-2-Inspire were also a lot of fun overall. @TokyoSlim usually makes me giggle like Nick Offerman too, for what it's worth.

  • @sabotagethetruth This is completely unexpected and enormously kind of you! Thank you very much! I too echo your sentiments towards the gentlemen you've mentioned (don't want to bog them down in notifications =-J) and I would like to repay you in kind: You inspired me to take over the Kill Your Babies threads, which spawned the Selective Creation ones, and as a result helped me be a little more active myself when I first joined the forums at their inception.

    So my thanks to you, the gentlemen you've listed, and the many others that take part in all our threads, regardless of content, for making this a rad place to be!

  • That person who makes a new topic every week to explain why Prey is better than Goldeneye. I know what it's going to be but I still click every time just to see how a new topic is being used for the same argument.

    Second place to @Sentinel-Beach for good topics and remaining nonpartisan for the most part. Awesome work on the World Cup one!

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Thanks! :) It's mainly upcoming games, EZA shows/things and sport (events).