Do you think new genres can still be a thing?

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    The question is almost, do we NEED new genres I think?

    I mean now and then we get new ideas coming along and I think we will keep seeing that, but whats the point of sticking out as "new" just for the sake of it? Also as humans we like to slot things in different piles to keep things in order.

    I mean just look at film as a medium, that has been around for quite a few more years than games. Yet we still get new exciting films.

    We still will get mix matches and crossover between genres, one day we might get something completely new, who knows, but to be fair we already have a lot of good genres.

  • @lotias said:

    whats the point of sticking out as "new" just for the sake of it?

    People gravitate towards N E W things, even if the new thing is worse than something before. There's devs these days who won't make sequels to a franchise until they can think of something N E W to freshen up the perfectly already beloved gameplay, and critics will bash an incredible game if there's nothing super N E W to separate it from a game that came before.

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    @mbun I can't tell if you are being totally sarcastic or not.

  • @el-shmiablo Not sarcastic, just bitter.

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    @mbun I kinda see where you are coming from. I see devs testing new things, but its mainly to try and improve rather than just doing new for the sake of it. I mean there are many times where we think that something is "perfect" only to then be proven wrong.

  • Yes, videogames are still a young art form, as technology moves forward so do videogames, and there'll be a new generation of great developers that will take advantage of that to get something new out of it. It's hard to see that happening, for sure, but that's just natural. I mean, can you predict what will you be thinking of in the next 24 hours? Innovation will come, it just needs a catalyst that we know nothing about.

  • there are still genre's. It's just that they overlap more because technology has become better.

  • I would argue that you dont have to look too far to see new "genres" in the past few years. The survival sim genre cannot be pigeon holed within another genre (a la Battle Royale per your example) as it spans multiple gameplay types (FPS, third person, side scrolling etc). Case in point, the Forest, Don't Starve, State of Decay, the Flame and the Flood would all be in a survival genre which is relatively new over the past few years and have wildly different mechanics despite a common theme of exploration, crafting, and survival at their core.

    So yes, we may not know what the next genre will be but they have arisen in the recent past and no reason to think there isn't another one coming over the horizon.

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    @ozymandsss But then by this logic BR is a new genre as it has been done in third person, first person, top down, included RPG elements, etc.

  • @el-shmiablo I fall on the side that would agree with that statement (that BR is arguably a new genre.)
    But I also fall on the side that really doesn't care about classifying a game's into a genre other than for convenience in conversation, tbh.

    Does everyone remember when Metroid Prime first came out and we were debating whether it was a FPS or a new genre called "first person adventure"? I don't think it ultimately mattered since either way, I call it a classic.

  • Yes, it can. We already are on that way with these Open World games, and Battle Royale games. Eventually, we will come very close to the same vision that's behind "Ready Player One" by Steven Speilberg. (I just saw it, and am impressed with how the future looks for Open World games.)

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