Do you think new genres can still be a thing?

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    @ozymandsss But then by this logic BR is a new genre as it has been done in third person, first person, top down, included RPG elements, etc.

  • @el-shmiablo I fall on the side that would agree with that statement (that BR is arguably a new genre.)
    But I also fall on the side that really doesn't care about classifying a game's into a genre other than for convenience in conversation, tbh.

    Does everyone remember when Metroid Prime first came out and we were debating whether it was a FPS or a new genre called "first person adventure"? I don't think it ultimately mattered since either way, I call it a classic.

  • Yes, it can. We already are on that way with these Open World games, and Battle Royale games. Eventually, we will come very close to the same vision that's behind "Ready Player One" by Steven Speilberg. (I just saw it, and am impressed with how the future looks for Open World games.)

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