Shin Megami Tensei DX2 Liberation Available on Mobile


    Never played it, don't know what it's about, just got an email about it but it's SMT so odds are it's enjoyable.

  • Downloaded it, haven't had a chance to play yet though. I watched a 20 minute video from Projared though and I get the feeling I'm going to fall in love with this game.

  • I've played barely played like ten minutes so can't really say to much, combat seems to be close to Nocturne's and at least I can say that I like its vibes and the general style, wil play it more in the coming days for sure.

  • O my GOD MegaTen music. Haven't had a chance to play too much but it seems really well done. Might have to start taking the bus to work just so I can play more.

  • Okay, now that I've sunk some hours into this thing, I've got actual impressions.

    I was right, I would fall in love with the game. I can already hear the hardcore fans complaining this is a watered down SMT experience... and it is... and that's absolutely fine, playing it on the go whenever I want feels great. I can say right out the gate, this game has A LOT of content. I'm in the third story chapter and still unlocking completely different modes that mix up how you play the game. Battles are just the right amount of length, not going into the double digits but still relying on that beautiful press-turn system I've loved for most of my life. The story.. is there. It's pretty good for a mobile game, not much to talk about in comparison with console releases though. Music is pretty damn good, although I wish a few more battle themes were thrown into the mix.

    What makes or breaks mobile games like these is end game content, how important microtransactions are, and how much of a grind things feel like. I can't really speak on the longevity of it yet. Despite pumping in at least 4 hours, I haven't even come close to running out of energy and my absolute favorite thing so far? Not a single push notification.

    From reading what some other people have been posting online, I also lucked out with a random 5-star Alice summon, so that's a thing.

  • @sabotagethetruth yeah it is for sure SMT-light but thinking of a mobile SMT game in the traditional vein would make for a game with very little appeal, haven't played as much myself, but I find it entertaining thus far.

  • @bard91 I really like the limited SP mechanic, it really adds something to longer battles and not having to worry about forever being out of magic juice makes me feel more comfortable using it. They even smartly reduced certain skills to limited use per battle (ie. Alice's "Die For Me!" instant kill) and woof... I'm surprised with how much I'm liking this game.

    Once I get my roomie added on my friends list, I'll post my code on here if ya'll want to add me (since there's a limit to the number of friends you can have). The support demon function is a nice feature in feeling connected to the outside world, it also reminds me slightly of the SOS function in P4: Golden.

  • My ID is 6F7CGUPU, add it allies!