Dreams (PS4)

  • I'm really excited to see what people will make with this, it's the main reason i'm interested in this game, just to play the best "dreams" available. Can't wait until someone makes the RE Spencer Mansion lol, if that ever happens the allies should do a group stream on it. Hell, they can do lots of things with this. Don's Design Labs, a regular group stream showcasing levels by the Allies and the community, etc.

    I'm probably not gonna spend too much time actually making levels, but man i really want to try it out, at the very least make one level. I better start brainstorming for some ideas.

  • I'll never forget how excited I was to play LittleBigPlanet back in 2007 when I was like 12 or 13. Then it got delayed to 2008, then it got delayed right before launch because they had the word Quran in it. It was a painful series of delays for something I was so eagerly anticipating. Then I finally got my hands on it and in typical Sony fashion, it took like 5 hours of updates. I was playing at like 3am in which I got into an obscene amount of tutorials. I fell asleep with the controller in-hand. I could have fallen asleep earlier and just played in the morning, but I was too excited.

    Years later we have DREAMS! I know better than to see myself being a creator but I also have the prior knowledge of knowing how much I enjoy playing other peoples creations. I know its damn near unfounded, but I have this deep desire and anticipation for Dreams and I rarely get excited anymore. I used to be eager for games in 2008 as a kid, but not anymore. YET, I find myself very very excited for Dream. I love God of War, I love Yakuza, I love Souls, but I waited patiently for those games when they came out. For whatever reason, I just can't wait to play Dreams.

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    I genuinely really want this game and hope so much that we finally get that beta at least. It's been 2 years now!

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    They're at least saying the beta is still set for this year.

  • My question is : Can i ramake ocarina of time in dreams?

  • @A7X458 It's pretty clear the answer is yes.

  • This is awesome. I grew up wanting to play LBP but didn't and this looks like it's going to be a blast
    Dream game

  • They low key delayed to 2019

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    @iboshow Shawn Layden already low keyed that a week or two before in the podcast where he confirmed no PSX.

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    You can signup for the closed beta now

  • Like others I'm mostly excited to see what others make, but im also interested in creating some stuff myself. I think its really cool that you can just create assets for others to use and dont have to create a whole game to share your work with others. Very excited to see what comes of this game.

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    Oh man.. I'm very excited to actually check this game out.

  • What is Dreams anymore. This is just a game dev sim

  • Sadly it does seem they have to take it down, but this is just ridiculous, I really just wanna see how far people can take it.

  • @dipset Gameinformer covered it a little while back and they were saying how it's (intentionally) less a game and more a game engine. The "campaign" is more to make you familiar with the creation tools and what can be done with the engine, and then you can do the Dream surfing mode (or whatever it's called) if you just want to play games instead. Kind of like an absurdly flexible Mario Maker, I guess.

  • @naltmank absurdly flexible Mario Maker LittleBigPlanet 3D.

  • It is pretty sweet.

  • I finally got the email that I've been accepted for the beta, but I'm in France sans ps4 until the 26th.

  • Man, every time i'm feeling like this game is going to be too much for me, a new creation pops out that stimulates my creative-wannabe brain like nothing else. That P.T. level nails the creepy atmosphere too well.