Dreams (PS4)

  • Sweet, cause I would love to tell people everywhere that I love this game.

  • Get ready for a 98 metascore

  • @iboshow As long as it releases in 2019, I'm pretty sure this is gonna be a good game for my roster.

  • @inustar I was going to pick it as my second pick because I thought people didn't think highly of Dreams in terms of metascore. If you look at Media Molecules history with their big titles like LittleBigPlanet 1-2, Teraway they are high but not 98 high.

  • @iboshow Most of the games I was certain were going to score high were already taken, but I chose the game because it's so unique it was my best chance at a high score. I just am not sure of the release date.
    Also... I love all Mm games. So it was an easy pick.

  • Move aside everyone.


    Game of the year all years coming through.

    But seriously there has been some insanely impressive stuff coming out, especially with the NDA lifted.




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    Early Access version is available now. It is supposed to be limited in terms of how many copies are sold but we've no idea what that actually means.

  • Fuck me and I don't get paid until Thursday.
    Hope I can still buy it then. I've been fully torqued for this game for nearly the entire generation.

  • Allies are playing this tonight according to their group stream schedule.

    I hope they turn it into some sort of design challenge like the KORG or the Far Cry 5 builder.

  • @dipset said in Dreams (PS4):

    hope they turn it into some sort of design challenge like the KORG or the Far Cry 5 builder.

    It's really probably impossible to expect this. The creation tools are not exactly easy to just pick up and use. Jones did like a 2 hour stream this morning and didn't even really make a dent in the tutorials.
    They are probably going to play through other people's created dreams

  • @tokyoslim

    I have no frame of reference. Maybe just one character to create per team or something. I take it it’s pretty thorough though.

  • @dipset It takes like half an hour or more just to get into a comfortable space where you can do camera movement in the editor. I did about 4 hours of tutorials during the beta and would not attempt to create a character from scratch yet. I'm not that far into the tutorials.

    The creation tools side of DREAMS is seriously a visual game engine. This would be like saying "I downloaded UNITY today and I'm going to make a level in it in 2 hours"

    Gonna have to learn the tools first.

  • There's some pretty good games in there that got played tonight.

  • @tokyoslim Worth the $30 you think? I'm on a pretty tight budget honestly but I'm intrigued by Dreams.

  • @sabotagethetruth I mean, I can't really tell you that. Watch the stream and see if anything speaks to ya. :P

    I bought it tho.

  • @tokyoslim Well yeah, everyone has a different value they place on money in general, but do you feel it was worth your purchase so far?

    I really loved Mario Maker for what it offered yet I bought FarCry 5 almost specifically because of the level editor.. and then I never built a level.

  • I think if you're wanting to build stuff it's worth it to spend the time it'll take to learn it. But don't be fooled by be there cutesy aesthethic they are selling... it'll take a while. This isn't really a pick up and jam kinda deal if you're interested in quality. Once you're a handful of hours in, you can probably make something, janky but some of the stuff I saw that people made tonight was probably like 30+ hours of learning and building for a few minutes of gameplay. And much of it is ongoing and awaiting further refinements.

    Also... Remember that you'll probably never be able to sell what you're making. It's just for the creative outlet. Playing other people's stuff is gonna be hit and miss. But there's a lot of fantastic creative stuff in there already.

  • @tokyoslim I think I'm gonna give it a go. I just remembered the full version is probably going to have some form of VR support and that's even more incentive to dive in.

  • The Dreams group stream is so fun! Really enjoyed seeing all the cool stuff people make, I hope the Allies return to Dreams in some form in the future, I can't get enough of it.