Dreams (PS4)

  • Still on the tutorials but have now reached the point where you create your first character. So much fun.

  • So tempted but I have just too many games to go through so I won't get it now.
    I can already see an interactive painting being a pretty cool thing to make. An image that has rain constantly going and hair changed on a character or other getting cold if it's snowing and such

  • I bought it, and I am most excited to create music for other people's (and my own) games. I'm currently working on some Donkey Kong-inspired tracks just for fun; they could probably be used in a variety of different games.

  • @kevinjennissen
    Just for you, the DKC splash screen remade in Dreams.


    So I caved and bought it last night despite making a vow to myself I wouldn't buy any games for the rest of the year. I justify it by saying it is more a creation tool than a game, and spending 40 Canabux now is better than spending 80 later.
    Played the opening and tried out a few creations before passing out on the couch. So incredibly charming and comfy and pure. The little noodley arm triangle guy is protagonist of the year all years.

    I really just want to dive into the creation side of things so I can make games for my son. I've been working on a children's book for him and I think I want to make it playable.
    So hype for this game.

  • Just found out that the early access comes a bit late here in my place (22 April). I think I'm gonna dive right in and start making a mockup of my university class room first, to get a better grip of how things work (and also because I think it would be a good motivator since I want to show it to my friends). I'm definitely not going to have a lot of time with this, but I'll be happy with just slowly progressing on my projects at least at a weekly basis. I'm still working on designing my first real project anyway. Really hyped for this.

    Also, I would love to try out the stuff you guys make here so it would be cool if you share them here when you see fit.

  • Not even worth a penny for me. "the game" looks daft.

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  • @dipset I don't think Sony is going to allow Loli Groping Sims to be published in the game.

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  • That sounds like a fantastic policy and I agree with it wholeheartedly and would love to see it implemented more often.

    So I messed around with the creation tools a bit and haha fuck it's going to take me a lot longer to do what I want to do. I think I'm going to buckle down and just sit through as many tutorials as I can this long weekend to figure everything out.

  • As I was saying, it's not really the kind of thing you can pick up for the first time and make something in in a couple hours . "How to move your cursor around" is like a 10 minute series of tutorials.

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    Pretty much. I've been going through the early tutorials again today. Going to do some new ones now.

    I have just been messing around, adding some walking space and grabbing things created by other people. Jurassic Park Isolation is very much a possibility!

  • Friendly looking Rex. Would pet.

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    @tokyoslim oh damn. I'll need to make that a feature for that twitter account.

  • @tokeeffe9 definitely

  • Fiddled around last night for the first time. I really like the vibes of this game, it's clicking with me much more than Little Big Planet ever did. I spent most of my time playing games (a racer, a shooter, and a rhythm game) and then checked out a lot more artistic stuff, like music videos and the like. I've only gone through one tutorial but I plan to conquer them all at some point, just probably spread out across multiple sessions.

    The thing I really love about this so far is the sense of collaboration. If you're great at making characters, go wild and someone that's better at game design might use your character. Great at music creation? Same thing. It cultivates a sense of sharing and exploring creativity together, all while giving the creators of each piece their own due credit.

  • Finally got to build my first level. And sadly I'm starting to get more and more frustrated with Dreams. The music interface is just terrible and sculpting can be agonizingly frustrating. But it is satisfying to see things working.

  • I was looking at the description of the highest rated RPG in Dreams and it recommended everyone check out their other game - Box Peek. Yep, someone made a 2 player version of Box Peek in Dreams.

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    @sabotagethetruth Haha. I was coming here to mention it. I was thinking that'd be a good game to start with as it's a relatively simple concept.

    Anyway, it's a solid start and worth checking out.

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    I just never could get behind the concept. Maybe not exactly the same, but I grabbed Little Big Planet when it came out and I just couldn't ever see the appeal with creating and sharing online. You get the odd, mildly impressive thing out of it that gets spammed on youtube, but I found these types of things have you just shovelling through so much trash.

    I'm here for playing games though, not making them and I just see creation tools more as software than actual games.