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    @sheria I don't quite understand your apprehension with the online functionality.
    You don't NEED to publish your creations or play/create with others. Dreams' online portion only serves as a central library and hub to facilitate these things.

    I see that now. I don't know, I've just aways had an issue with this whole online society we have now.

  • @sheria

    I think your creator side might be impressed with Dreams. Its essentially a $60-80 database of assets, something which people shell a lot of money out for. Whether it be animation loops, models, backgrounds, music, etc. From what I can tell, it is a game engine as you say, but its not as cumbersome and boring as one.

    LBP levels had a ton of community made crap but if you ever had the need to play a party game with friends, I would have taken LBP over Mario Kart any day of the week. There almost became a meta-game which was who can make the best bomb survival levels. Four friends on the couch playing these kinds of game was really really fun. I expect Dreams will go beyond that, but I totally get the apprehension if you see it as a creator game first and foremost. I probably wouldn't touch those tools at all.

  • That's actually quite interesting. I like quite a few things I see come from creation programs such as these, but the ones that seem to be impressive enough to hit youtube appear to huge projects that take forever. Is the trial offered at the moment worth it for someone simply interested in dabbling? The only creation program I truly got into was, as a I said, Klik & Play, but it did allow myself and my friends to make quite amusing games based on Yoshi's Island back in the 90's. I don't have that time or inclination now though, I mean we used to spend ages on pixel perfect animations in what was essentially MS Paint, but that was back when we were in high school. I may have been a bit to quick to judge, but I think I need to see just how easy it is to create something worth writing home about.

  • @sheria I haven't really had time to dive in and create anything, but from my understanding so far, you will need to spend a good chunk of time learning the basics. Copying, sculpting, changing properties, etc. When you have a good grasp of how to perform these actions, creating what you want becomes a lot easier.

    Here is a video that gives you an idea of what you can do when you understand how to utilize the game tools.

    Youtube Video

  • @sheria

    I believe the game lets you dabble and still have fun, but after a ton of tutorializing. From what I can tell, you could easily set-up a production pipeline and spend months making a game in Dreams. To that point, I expect some exceptional stuff, but probably months from now.

    Like a rigging department alone could spend 2 weeks per level or something depending on the amount of assets they make. I kinda hope a team makes a big game. It'll probably take longer and be more tedious if just one person made something huge in Dreams. May as well get a Patreon or Indygogo happening for these more ambitious projects.

  • You know what, I'm going to give it a go! =) I've been very stuck in my ways for a long time, maybe it's worth me branching out a bit and approaching games a bit differently. I still don't like the viral videos as I find them quite intimidating, I saw Silent Hill 2 created in Dreams promoted today on my watch list, but that actually puts me off more than it does entice me.

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    Some very cool stuff that I've seen posted.

    Car damage in Dreams

    As for me, I haven't done too much extra really. Just haven't had the time but I want to figure out how to enemy npcs to interact with you etc. I messed around adding sound to the T rex

  • @tokeeffe9 That Spider-Man post reminds me of something: I used to obsess about making short movies, and I think Dreams would be perfect for it. Tried Source Filmmaker before but it's not for me. This is like future project stuff though.

  • Dexter confirmed for Dreams

    Youtube Video

  • Does the early access for this have a player limit or something? Now I can't buy it on the PSN store here, it's not listed anymore.

  • @bam541 Yeah it was a limited release.

  • @el-shmiablo Ah damnit, should have known that last week. Oh well.

  • The game reappeared on my PSN store listings and I immediately bought it. I'll try it out tomorrow.

  • I went to buy it only to find it gone from the new game section. It was always there though if you did a search. I don't know what happened exactly

  • @sheria As has been stated, it was a limited release. If you didn't grab it, it is gone until release, and will be full price then.

  • @el-shmiablo said:

    it was a limited release. If you didn't grab it, it is gone until release

    Doesn't seem that way according to @bam541

  • @mbun Guess there must still be copies available. Don't know why it wasn't showing up for them then.
    Still suggest anybody who wants it grabs it asap, since it won't be available for much longer.

  • @el-shmiablo Apparently it already disappeared and came back. Probably artificial scarcity to sell more copies.