The Walking Dead: The Final Season (PC/PS4/XBO/NS)

  • Clementine's journey will come to its end on the fourth and final season of TWD by Telltale Games. Telltale has stated that this season will be the conclusion for Clementine's story, and the studio has in fact brought back the writer of the first season in order to provide the most satisfactory ending for the character. (Telltale could, however, continue TWD with new characters in the future, they've said.)

    The Final Season will consist of four episodes, and the first one will be released in two weeks on August 14th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The Switch version will follow later this year.

    There is a 15-minute gameplay video out there, but I won't link it here because I simply don't want to watch it beforehand. Here's, however, a short teaser trailer from E3.

    Youtube Video

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  • God, I hope this is good. Telltale has run their formula so far into the ground that I have stopped buying their games but I will re-up to be Clementine one last time. I did watch the 15 min gameplay demo and the engine looks a bit better and there is even something loosely approaching combat (Dark Souls it ain't but it looks slightly more involved than a QTE). Only time will tell.

  • I guess we can all find out for ourselves: PSA: the demo has been released on PS4 and Xbox One

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    @ozymandsss TT are so insanely hit or miss. Guardians was one of my favorite games I played this year, but on the other hand Batman was also one of the worst.

  • @el-shmiablo I literally started the first season of batman last night, so that is very disappointing to hear. I thought I heard season 2 was a particularly strong TT effort?

    I just finished Life is Strange for the first time and right now, its sortof the pinnacle of that form of interactive storytelling for me. I am starting Tales from the Borderlands and Batman and was hoping that one of them clicked.

    May just have to wait for Life is Strange season 2 this fall.

  • @ozymandsss
    Personally having played Batman season 1 and most of two (which I need to finish) I'd say both are sorta a mixed bag in various area's

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    @dmcmaster Really? I thought the game was just straight up bad. You spend a total of, like, 5 minutes doing anything that remotely resembles detective work. The rest is choose-your-own-fightscene shit. At least GotG had some cool little things like checking your emails between missions (the Howard the Duck ones were hilarious) and some actual gameplay and environment traversal.

  • @el-shmiablo
    I was more talking about as a whole, the miniscule amount of detective work was kinda rectified in season 2 (now it's 7 minutes) and the technical issues can be damn near jarring the start of Episode 1 season 1 was so bad it almost made me sick, and the chose your own fight while kinda cool became the go-to option for every episode.
    With that said I did like that Bruce Wayne being more prominent was a great idea, along with dealing more into the Wayne family, which I'll admit I did like some of the twist TellTale put on the Batman mythos even if some of it boils down to slightly altering the back story for various characters (granted that kinda applies to every "Elseworld" version of any comic book charcter)

  • @El-Shmiablo @dmcmaster I played episode 1 last night because its free and I'm very on the fence about purchasing the season pass. You are correct, the technical issues are absolutely offensive. Fight scenes are ruined by pauses and stutters and there is almost no illusion of actual gameplay. It's a whole lot of watching and then selecting the only prompt on screen which begs the question, why bother? Maybe my recollections of the walking dead are via rose tinted glasses but I dont remember them being this passive. But with that said, I agree with @DMCMaster that they seem to be doing some interesting stuff with established characters and I'm curious to see where it goes. Perhaps I'll wait for a steam sale.

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    @ozymandsss If you haven't played TT's Guardians game, I highly recommend that. Knocked Borderlands out the of the top spot of my favorite Telltale game.
    And yeah, the performance issues in Bats were insane, and I was playing on a Pro so really what the fuck. GotG looked great and ran smooth as butter for me, so going straight from that to Batman was quite jarring.

  • @el-shmiablo Nice, Guardians of the Galaxy and Tales from the Borderlands are also my favourites. Both have really likable and diverse cast of characters, and the games are a great mix of emotions: fun and sadness, tears and joy, drama and tragedy, even. And of course the use of music lifts them both up into another level completely. So good, those moments. :)

  • Just played the demo, and damn is Telltale pushing thier engine hard, fully 3D camera, seems to be running at about 60fps (Which I think Borderlands was the last game to do that), escapes the "Telltale" look that pretty much everything else has, and no real technical hitches that I could see outside of the car crash at the end. Love that zombies have a pen & ink look at a distance, love the warm saturated look present in the demo.
    Will say after forcing myself to finish season 3 today , this feels like a breath of fresh air for Telltale as a whole and something that hopefully continues on into Wolf 2, or or whatever thier next game is.

    With all that out of the way I'm curious to see how Clem's story will end, although to call this now I bet at some point we either
    A.Return to familiar locations, either where Lee died, The motel, or Clem's house
    B. A few familiar faces. Being confirmed alive or dead (Christa, Javier, Jeebus)
    C. Surprise celebrity voice over.

  • Finished the first episode.

    Things started to head towards interesting times. The relationship between Clementine and AJ is strongly on display, and you have to teach the boy about different things in life and survival pleasantly often with different choices. Good dialogue between the two, and AJ can seem both older than he is but also just a kid with his excited smiles and movements, which felt approriate in that world. Clementine's voice is still soothing to hear, I like her.

    The new group of people around you is large enough that the inevitable is bound to happen and not everyone sees the end. It'll be interesting to see who are left standing by the end of episode four later on, with whom I'll have the strongest bond and who are the ones I'll almost certainly have to pick between.

    The graphical style looks really good, really nice to watch. The game engine works without a hitch, which is a big plus in a Telltale game, so good job! This first episode took around 2 hrs 20 mins to finish for me.

    The trophy system has been changed big time, no more automatic platinums for anyone. :O There are now missable trophies both within certain interactions as well as with the few collectible objects. Also, there's at least one point where you have to choose where to go next, and there's a trophy on each of those paths, so one playthrough won't even be enough. But I respect the story and my choices in this series so much so that I won't even think about going back now and play through this one again. I'll finish the season with this journey of mine, and maybe later then sometime I'll give it a go, the platinum, but not necessarily even then.

  • Good to hear. I'm waiting for a time when the wife and I can sit down and enjoy it without interruption from a 3 year old and a 2 year old. It may be some time...
    I did play the demo and you are right, graphics look improved and didnt see any of that storied Telltale jankiness. Hopefully they have learned a lesson or two at this point.

  • Man, fuck that trap section. I get that it's important Telltale evolves the formula, but I signed up to play TellTale, not a janky Resident Evil. And would it kill Clem to get a hustle on!? God.

    Imported my save from New Frontier that I've been carrying since 2012's original release, but still had to make some choices. Kind of annoying because I don't remember all my choices from Season 1.

    Other than that, really strong opener, with it being the final Season, they can do a lot more without having to worry about carry over for future seasons, and it really shows.

    Also, I can't believe this is still using the TellTale engine. Those Water Shaders though! This is the best the game has ever looked. Love the new artstyle too.

  • Question, I did not get around to playing A New Frontier and since the reviews were ultimately not the strongest, I'm not really inclined to. Does anything from a new frontier seem heavily referenced in the final season, or is a good working knowledge of seasons 1 or 2 sufficient to move into the final season?

  • @ozymandsss
    So far, not really. Like there is a quick reference to a charcter Clem had a crush on, but that was really about it.
    The only major connection to Season 3 is AJ himself, since Clem' s story in Season 3 is all about tracking down AJ' s whereabouts, and her raising him between season 2 and 3.

    Also despite importing my save it asked me a handful of questions about actions from season 1-3.

    If anything I'd say get season 3, play it over a weekend (especially since the first two episodes are pretty damn short, like I got thru both in just over 2 hours) if only just to have a more solid grasp on Clem and AJ's relationship, and maybe be prepared for stuff in future episodes.

    Speaking of I'm surprised to see this season is only 4 episodes, not sure if that was ever announced before release.

  • @ozymandsss Sufficient? Probably. Recommended? No. The New Frontier is a significant part of Clem's story. With many character moments shaping who Clem has become today.

    Play The New Frontier. It's on par with Season 2 in terms of quality imo.

  • The name of that final episode, oh boy. The memories of Season 1's ending, so beautiful and sad.

    alt text