The Walking Dead: The Final Season (PC/PS4/XBO/NS)

  • The work has resumed on episodes 3 and 4, release dates will be announced soon.

  • Played Episode 2 thinking I'd never see the end... Cannot wait!

  • The 3rd episode is out. I couldn't find it on Store on PS4, but instead I had to go in the game and start the download from there. That works.

    So yeah, finished it just now, the episode lasted around 2,5 hrs. Pretty calm for a long time, but in the end I felt my emotions storming quite hard. Good stuff. And no technical bugs or anything!

    The biggest surprise: seeing and hearing Lee again! My God, how I'd missed that voice. :') Honestly, the journey it's been. 2012. A really heartwarming moment.

    Spoiler I loved Violet's singing as well, a beautiful end for that night.

    Spoiler In the end I stopped AJ from shooting Lily, killing her. That would've messed him up, I feel, like James said he feared. But of course there were repercussions, and so James died. Well, it is what it is, he wasn't my favourite person. A weird zombie lover, sorry to say. But anyway, I wonder if Lily would've really died at that point with the other option. Before the final episode. Well, she's alive in mine, so we'll see how it all ends.

  • God damn it, accidentally hit that first spoiler and God fucking damn it.

  • Episode 4, the last one ever, will be released on March 26th. Together with physical editions. "Take Us Back", what a beautifully sad callback.

  • And that was it. It's over, the journey that lasted for seven years with Clementine. What an emotional series, I'm happy that I got to take part in it.

    There were no tears from me this time around, but this was still a very well executed and written episode and ending for everything. I'm just glad that it ended with a smile, basically. :')

    It wasn't as effective as the developers propably would have liked it to be, the scene in the barn, as my mind just kept telling me that all you have to do is cut that leg off, not kill her entirely. Anyway I'm super glad they didn't. AJ's return from fishing while "Take Us Back" was playing was a beautiful moment, and then seeing Clem and just hugging her. :) A fine, sad and happy final talk between the two, all at the same time. Really liked Clem's last on-screen moment. And to end everything with a shot of her cap was basically unavoidable, this is how it was meant to be.

  • I just (finally) after working up the patience to replay Episode 1 and 2 again, finished the season (Still can't believe that save deletion bug never got fixed...).

    I really really enjoyed it. I would have liked Episode 3 to have a little bit of a grander scale, but Episode 4 was so perfect.

    I told AJ to kill Lily, which led to a confrontation with James. He gets left with a pretty mysterious ending. Holy shit Minerva. What an insane "final boss" sequence.

    While I'm obviously happy that Clem survives in the end, as I was playing through the Barn Sequence, slowly transitioning over to AJ as Clem became less and less able, I became at peace with the idea. Watching AJ realise how hard he has to work to protect himself without Clem there to help and protect him... It was extremely moving. Top notch job to the animators on that front, as most of that sequence has no dialogue at all. The Walking Dead games should leave me feeling not too happy, not too sad, but a mixture of both. The main thing it needs to make me feel, is vulnerable, and they nailed that.

    Rewinding to episode 3, I really enjoyed the scene where James tells you to go into the barn with the walkers. I really wasn't expecting a commentary on what it means to be human but we sure got it, and it was presented really well. The way that walker tells the other walker off for pushing into you. Chills.

    Finally, I'm really glad whoever was there to make the decisions gave the Still Not Bitten team the go ahead to sign the game off in the corridor like that. It was wonderful.

    Overall, while I've grown to dislike the TV show quite a bit. I will dearly miss the Telltale Walking Dead games for a very long time. I've never played a single one of the games through a second time, so I'm looking forward to doing that in a couple of years time.

    For Clementine <3.

  • Anyone else gonna buy the Telltale Definitive Series just to support Skybound? I have all the games separately but I have this irrational hope that maybe they could so something with the franchise someday if the definitive edition sells well. If nothing else, at least to support them as thanks for seeing the final season through to completion.

  • No, it’s way overpriced.