Finished Pokemon Red

  • I finished the Poke League in Pokemon Red. And I also got Mewtwo. I named him Akira :D
    For the interested. My team for the Elite 4 was:
    Articuno (Icebird, 53)
    Gyarados (Skippy, 21)
    Charizard (Blaze, 57)
    Hypno (Hypno, 57)
    Gloom (Sleepwell, 42)
    Zapados (Thunderbird, 53)

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    Congrats was it your first time through a Pokemon game? Or just through one of the originals?

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    I think through my first time going through Pokemon Blue my final team was

    • Blastoise
    • Pidgeot
    • Nidoking
    • Gyarados
    • Jolteon
    • Dragonair

    I remember catching all the legendary birds, but I never used them, and I replaced one of my mains with Mewtwo, but I forgot which one. It was so long ago.

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    Such a good game! I remember playing it on the way up to my grandma when I got it (5 hour car journey as a kid with my family).

    I believe my team were something along the following:


  • You've now become a man. Congratulations.

  • I completed Blue about a month ago.
    Played through it on my old Advance SP, with the original cartridge that amazingly still saves.

    Hall of Fame Lineup
    Charizard Lv. 56
    Raichu Lv. 49
    Gyarados Lv. 52
    Kadabra Lv. 44
    Machoke Lv. 46
    Persian Lv. 48

    With all of the recent hype regarding Pokémon, I started a new playthrough of Ruby. It was the last Pokémon I ever bought and never finished it. Inspired by BPP, each catch is given a nickname, which I've never done before, and I'm currently 2 badges in. While in no rush to beat it, afterward I might just buy a 2DS and catch up on all of the old DS games and even get Moon when it comes out.

  • Mine was

    Lvl 51 Sloan (Venasaur)
    Lvl 50 Vergil (Pikachu)
    Lvl 51 Norbert (Charizard)
    Lvl 51 Leonardo (Blastoise)
    Lvl53 Rhaegar (Nidoking)

    And then added Akira (Mewtwo)

  • I didn't own a Pokemon game until Yellow. I think my final team was:


  • @Elazar_DE Well done laddy. Now let's see if you can find that 150th Pokémon that you can catch now.

  • @Swordfish00830 This is my very first play of Pokemon ever. Like Brandon I never played it in all that time.

  • @MiserablePerson I will play Heartgold on my 3DS next. So if you have a 3DS there is no need to get a separate DS system.

  • @Krauser I guess not. I will surely run out of money to buy stuff. For example healing and pokeballs. I am currently trying to catch some rare pokemons from the Safari zone. But SOmehow the Pokomen most of the time run away after a failed catch.