Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PC/PS4/XBO)

  • The rebooted Lara Croft returns in her third adventure in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The story revolves around the Mayan apocalypse that Lara herself apparently sets off on her expedition in Latin America. SotTR will be released on September 14th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

    Shadow of The Tomb Raider - Official Gameplay Trailer | E3 2018
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    Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Welcome to Paititi: Walkthrough Video | PS4
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    The latter video looks really promising, all that exploration in forgotten tombs. And the hub city seems welcoming, great to see people this time around. And what I've especially liked in the two previous games is the structure of the game world. There's a hub or a bunch of them, and there are these neat routes to certain places which also have a different way back pretty much always. This system creates really enjoyable loops and circles which can often also be traversed backwards as well after the first trip. I'm super into that.

    Too bad the last four months of the year are so full of good games that one has to choose what to pick up. In this case, I'm already committed to getting Spider-Man and Spyro in September, and then it'll soon be RDR2 time. So it seems I'm propably returning to Lara's world (early) next year. But I believe there'll be a really solid game waiting for me then.

  • Time to reboot it again. Less automation this time. I find it funny that they call one of the promotional videos "Hazardous Traversal." It's so dumbed down compared to actual platformers. Also, let me run and gun, please. Tomb Raider's combat is as mediocre as it gets. The stealth looks so simplistic and same as every other game from the last few years. The voice actress needs to go and the story needs to stop taking itself so damn seriously.

    Edit: Wrote this a while back after someone asked me what's wrong with stealth in games.

    "Start by making enemies less dumb and predictable. If they know they're being stalked, they should be looking over their shoulder and turning. Instead, they just slowly move forward and forward as you follow and follow. Also, increase their peripheral vision and the distance of their central vision. Sounds hard for the player, right? To compensate, I'd remove the forced slow crouch that is in all these games. Crouching doesn't make you quieter. I would let the player move upright (unless they need to use low cover) and quickly rush enemies. Remove these boring stealth QTEs. I would prefer a grab button that can be used in and out of stealth or regular attacks that can be used to quickly eliminate unalerted enemies if used correctly. Speaking of "in and out of stealth," I don't like how in most stealth games, the whole base is alerted the second someone sees you. Stealth and action should always intermix. I want the darkness from Splinter Cell to make a return, but I don't want it to be as silly. It's a shame that we had four Arkham games and none of them used Batman's ally, the darkness. I don't see what is so impressive about that Tomb Raider video. It looks clunky. The enemies aren't doing anything surprising or interesting.

    "In the old MGS games, you moved upright, and it didn't add any noise. Then Kojima decided that his games had to play like all other modern stealth games."

    Also, why the fuck are they advertising it as "finally becoming the Tomb Raider?" What the fuck has she been doing for the last two games? Worst origin story ever.

  • I should be excited for this game but I can't bring myself to desire it.

    I loved the originals back in the day, then Legend and Anniversary (and Underworld to a lesser extent) on 360 were a great modernization of the concept in my opinion.

    I enjoyed the 2013 reboot but it didn't feel like Tomb Raider to me anymore. Then the whole weird exclusivity of Rise made me miss out on it, and nothing I've seen from Shadow has made me want to return to the series. I also agree that their whole "Become the Tomb Raider" shtick is getting ridiculous.

    I'll still keep an eye on it and maybe great reviews could change my mind, but it's at the bottom of my priority list right now.

  • I really hope this game is as good as the last two. Big fan of the franchise

  • Sounds and looks like a really solid game once again. I can see this possibly truly being the best out of the three.

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  • Got a chance to to finish it over the weekend. It was pretty good.
    I'd say it's the worst entry in this trilogy But it's not bad. I like it more linear for these tomb raider games and this one was more open. But it didn't make it bad. It was just more boring. The scenery didn't change much, combat felt very heavy compared to previous games.

    But traversal was very nice and varied and stealth us the best it's been.

  • @b-cell They also gave Wolf 2 a 9 so I guess they are right.

  • Been enjoying it in my off time from work, but I swear some of the platforming was not working in 3 diffrent spots for one reason or another.

  • @el-shmiablo said in Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PC/PS4/XBO):

    @b-cell They also gave Wolf 2 a 9 so I guess they are right.

    different reviewer.

    the problem is they didnot improve one a bit. the same mediocre combat and stealth mechanics plus handholding etc.

    Youtube Video

    also mack review is up too. he heavily criticize it.

  • Waiting until it's cheap. I've read that it has much less shooting. The problem for me with these games isn't excessive shooting, it's that the shooting is no good. Lara should be far more mobile. Let me fire from the hip and use gymnastics. If there's any girl that should be running and doing cartwheels, kicks and backflips with guns, it's Lara Croft. It's because nearly everything in gaming has to be super serious and authentic now. Lame.

    alt text

    alt text

    This isn't Lara Croft and these aren't Tomb Raider games. You can barely even call them platformers.

  • Finished it yesterday and I think the best way to describe it is like a enjoyable filler season in an anime, like by the time everything is all said and done everything is back to the status quo before the "Real" third game comes along.

  • I played Rise 1 year after the PS4 release and i might buy this next summer.