Donut County (PS4/PC)

  • Donut County, the chillest game of the year, arrives on August 28th on PS4, PC, OS X and iOS. Indie game developer Ben Esposito has created this "reverse Katamari": you control a hole, and as the hole swallows objects, it increases in size.

    I really like what I'm seeing. I mean this has all the makings of just cool, relaxed playtime. The graphics work neatly for their purpose, everything looks simple and fun. I actually ended up pre-ordering this just now. I didn't think too much, I just had a good feeling about this. For the PS Plus members the pre-order price is 10,36 €.

    Donut County – PSX 2017: Updog Gameplay Trailer | PS4
    Youtube Video

    Donut County – Full of Holes Trailer - Release Date Announce | PS4
    Youtube Video

  • Loving the vibes. Hoping this will be a chill one-sitting game, would be perfect for my current habits.

  • I'm super into this. Katamari Damacy is my favorite game of all time, so apparently this has a similar vibe. Also, Ian specifically told me to get this at PSX last year.