Donut County (PS4/PC)

  • Finished the game already, it was propably something closer to 3 hours long. The story is bonkers, sits well in a game like this. A little bit more of everything would have been nice, but then again, there's only so much you can do with a hole in the ground. :) And this way it worked well, I had fun enough. After you beat the game, a level select opens up, which was exactly what I hoped would happen.

  • I asked on the game's Twitter account about the one trophy I couldn't figure out ("Gamer"), and what happens: Ben Esposito himself guided me into the right direction, cool! Moments later I now have the platinum trophy.

  • So in the end worth the price of admission?

  • @mango It depends, I guess. Like with lots of games. The idea is really simple and doesn't get more complex, really. And it's all over in a couple of hours. But then again, I found it entertaining and relaxing, I've had 10 euros spent in so many worse things. Still, I can see people also disappointed in this, perhaps, so it depends how you're approaching the game.

  • PS Store Asia doesn't have this game yet... I'm so bummed.

  • Finally got to play this game, it's been sitting on my Switch for a while. I love it, it's a very neat little game. It has this silly and casual vibe to it that makes playing it feel so cozy. There's also a clear sense of direction with what the game is trying to do, and I can feel the love and passion oozing through this game because of it. I think it could do a bit more experimentation with how to solve each level, just to make the levels a bit more different than each other. Also, the music is so good, I'm definitely going to listen to the OST more. (8/10)

  • Kyle streamed DC a while back:

    Youtube Video

    Man, seeing short hair Kyle again is a bit of a shock...

  • I'm playing this right now as well, it was like 2$ for me in GoG, I like it pretty well but I'm glad I didn't pay much for it, quirky and fun as it is it does seem to be pretty light on value, still very glad to see and play stuff like this.

  • Quack Anthem is my ringtone.

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  • @mbun Damn, thats some solid meme work right there

  • @mbun brb gonna pay 300$ to get my home swallowed whole