Feedback on Remothered

  • It's been on Steam for a while now, but with the recent release of Remothered on PS4, I'm not quite keen to try it. I'm fully aware of the games history, having followed the CT remake since the beginning, but Nightcry already let me down a lot and I'd like some feedback on how Remothered holds up to its promise.

    It's already a let down being digital only, but is it worth giving it a go? I'm a huge Clock Tower/Haunting Ground fan, but they had the polish that came with published games back then.

  • Literally the only coverage I've seen on it has been -

    Youtube Video

    So basically, decent if you like old-school survival horror (which you seem to), but nothing too new or fresh here.

  • Never heard of it, but I'd love a Huber (or any other decent streamer really) playthrough