Life is Strange 2

  • Dontnod Entertainment is finally getting ready to reveal details of Life is Strange 2. The first of the five episodes will release on September 27th on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

    The brand new teaser video states that "all will be revealed August 20th", in two and a half weeks.

    Youtube Video

    And hey! Be sure to remember and play The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit which is free, as its decisions will carry over into Life is Strange 2.

  • This is a hard one for me. I adored LiS and its prequel, but the disconnected sequel they want to create makes me want to judge it completely from scratch

  • Perhaps my most anticipated game of the fall. Yes, I am also concerned about the potential disconnectedness of it but at the same time, I don't think they should/need to revisit Max and Chloe as that story has been told with the original and the suprisingly effective sequel (which I had major concerns about from pre-release trailers but turned into one of my favorite games in the genre.)
    Captain Spirit is installed on my PC but I haven't found the right time to sit down and play it (ie. kids are asleep, house is quiet and a good beverage at my side.) I'm definitely looking to make time for it soon though.

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    I.. am so bloody hyped... for this game. I need this, like yesterday.

  • I'm planning to play LiS 1 and Before the Storm first. If i like those, i'll probably pick this up when all the episodes are released.

  • Need to play Before the Storm myself, like I've had it in my PS4 this whole time but it just came out at a very very bad time for me (woo 3 jobs)

  • Man I need to catch up with this series, loved the first part but haven't checked out anything that came after that.

  • I had a very strange route through the series. I played LiS chapters 1-4 with my wife when it first came out three years ago but then right before we could play episode 5, our first daughter was born. A year after that, our second daughter was born. Then we moved overseas (military) and just never got back to it. While I was deployed, i had a shoddy internet connection but since I had promised my wife we would finish LiS together some day, I downloaded LiS:BTS and played that at night in a tent in the middle of a freezing cold field. I absolutely loved it, in part because I'm sure my emotions were raw being away from my family but also because LiS just has a history with us. So when I got back from deployment, my wife and I finally finished chapter 5 of the original game. And that was one week ago and here we are on the threshold of LiS2. All I can say is this series means a lot to me at this point.