Life is Strange 2 (PS4/XBO/PC)

  • I'm planning to play LiS 1 and Before the Storm first. If i like those, i'll probably pick this up when all the episodes are released.

  • Need to play Before the Storm myself, like I've had it in my PS4 this whole time but it just came out at a very very bad time for me (woo 3 jobs)

  • Man I need to catch up with this series, loved the first part but haven't checked out anything that came after that.

  • I had a very strange route through the series. I played LiS chapters 1-4 with my wife when it first came out three years ago but then right before we could play episode 5, our first daughter was born. A year after that, our second daughter was born. Then we moved overseas (military) and just never got back to it. While I was deployed, i had a shoddy internet connection but since I had promised my wife we would finish LiS together some day, I downloaded LiS:BTS and played that at night in a tent in the middle of a freezing cold field. I absolutely loved it, in part because I'm sure my emotions were raw being away from my family but also because LiS just has a history with us. So when I got back from deployment, my wife and I finally finished chapter 5 of the original game. And that was one week ago and here we are on the threshold of LiS2. All I can say is this series means a lot to me at this point.

  • In little over three hours a bunch of new information will be revealed of LIS2. Will we see older Chris now?

  • Life is Strange 2 Official Reveal Trailer [ESRB]
    Youtube Video

    The game focuses on brotherhood as well as guiding your younger brother. Sean, 16, and Daniel, 9, are on the run from the police after a tragic event, heading from Seattle to Mexico.

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    I think some of the data mining then that was done in the captain awesome demo was true then. I really feel the hype.
    This feels like it can become really really good. I love the other games so much, so will go in with high expectations.

  • Trailer isn't exactly gripping but I have complete faith in the team.

  • It's pretty clear for me that my passion for the original was much more in the characters, setting and premise. I might get it one day, but I don't feel anything from the trailer outside maybe the music.

  • I had almost forgotten about this a bit, which shouldn't happen. Man, the next few months are full of games. The first episode of LiS2 arrives in one week.

    Youtube Video

  • I'm almost certain the game will be incredible and moving and make me feel many feels, DAYUM thats some bad voice acting.

  • Doing a one-sitting of Episode 1 next Friday with my roommate. Not watching any videos because I know I'm going to play it and I doubt it'll be very long. I wish more games were like this. I love the trend of vignette/chapter/scene based games (LiS, Yakuza, Until Dawn, etc).

  • So did anyone jump in right away, how was it? OpenCritic offers a solid 8 for the first episode:

    I found myself becoming hesitant at the last possible moment, which is weird even in my opinion. I guess it's the 40 € price tag that surprised me. But sure, there's the possibility to buy these separately, eight euros a piece.

  • @sentinel-beach I also was stopped by the price tag (three times more that Walking Dead: The Final Season). Also I liked Life is Strange and Before the Storm, but I was very disappointed with Captain Spirit, and I'm worried that Life is Strange 2 will be more like Captain Spirit, rather than like the earlier ones.

  • UPDATE: I can't do the one sitting but I still bought it and played a little.

    I am considering making a video review for the sake of it because I love the Life Is Strange series and they are generally short.

    Some initial thoughts -

    • $49.99 CAD is steep. So is $11.99 for Ep 201. The game is of quality, but they are shorter and you wouldn't want to replay it until you finish the whole season.

    • I was immediately gripped from the intro scene walking home with your friend. Brought me back to better days of childhood and my inner kid.

    • World building is still top notch. I got slightly emotional when reading texts from my best friend after the incident in the opening scene that sets the story up.

    • Started to lose me when you hit the road. I know they are telling a different story, but I like the teenage melodrama more than anything in LiS and that isn't the focus here, but it sets the game up like it will be another game about teenage antics. Maybe pulling the rug out is intentional.


    I like the premise but its a bit hard to believe. Also don't understand motives of certain characters. There is a rich hippy travelling journalist type guy who helps you and I don't understand why he has no qualms with helping a fleeing suspect. His dialogue is confusing too, like he's giving a locker room speech in a bad sports film.

    I'm lukewarm as of now, but it has a lot of potential to suck you in.

  • I can't even believe I waited this long but I still haven't played Captain Spirit and I need to do that before I start LiS2. I already bought the season pass (I think it was initially $39 on steam when it was first listed so I'm not as upset about the price) and have installed episode 1 but I need to find the right time to play both episodes. I am blessed with boisterous three and two year old daughters and as much as I adore them, I need them to be sound asleep and have a few hours to spare before I can put on some good headphones and get lost in a LiS game. I've said this here before but I adored LiS and LiS: BTS. I am nervous that this one wont live up but I wouldnt miss it for the world.

  • PS. does anyone else have the unspoken fear that DONTNOD will go the way of Telltale? I know they haven't overextended themselves the way Telltale did, nor (from what I can tell) have such vile business and work practices, but if Telltale couldnt profit off of the walking dead, batman and guardians of the galaxy, I worry for the future of adventure games like LiS.

  • No I don’t worry about DONTNOD going under. For one, I doubt they employ hundreds of people or however many TT had.

    They license an engine instead of having to make their own. They have a big publisher helping. They probably don’t rely on sales like that. Maybe just get a fixed price for developing the game.

  • I kinda have a weird relationship with the Life is Strange series. I got the first season, played through the first episode and really enjoyed it. However I kinda dropped off and didn't go back. However I did start watching Jeese Cox and Dodger play it on youtube with my partner and loved it. Continued to watch them play before the storm and Cpt. Spirit. I now have watched them play bout 3 hours of LiS2 and my guilt is starting to set in. I kinda feel like I should buy the second season just to support the devs, even though I know I'm not going to play it. Just feels weird, I buy a lot of games, and a decent amount of them I don't get to, however I always have the intentions of playing them. If I buy LiS2 I know I won't ever play it and it feels weird to spend money on something I know from the outset im not going to play, same time I feel guilty watching a playthrough of the game. Weird.

  • Can anyone comment on the quality of the story/characters?

    I'm still holding off as the two boys don't interest me. I'd actually prefer females again to be honest.