Life is Strange 2 (PS4/XBO/PC)

  • So did anyone jump in right away, how was it? OpenCritic offers a solid 8 for the first episode:

    I found myself becoming hesitant at the last possible moment, which is weird even in my opinion. I guess it's the 40 € price tag that surprised me. But sure, there's the possibility to buy these separately, eight euros a piece.

  • @sentinel-beach I also was stopped by the price tag (three times more that Walking Dead: The Final Season). Also I liked Life is Strange and Before the Storm, but I was very disappointed with Captain Spirit, and I'm worried that Life is Strange 2 will be more like Captain Spirit, rather than like the earlier ones.

  • UPDATE: I can't do the one sitting but I still bought it and played a little.

    I am considering making a video review for the sake of it because I love the Life Is Strange series and they are generally short.

    Some initial thoughts -

    • $49.99 CAD is steep. So is $11.99 for Ep 201. The game is of quality, but they are shorter and you wouldn't want to replay it until you finish the whole season.

    • I was immediately gripped from the intro scene walking home with your friend. Brought me back to better days of childhood and my inner kid.

    • World building is still top notch. I got slightly emotional when reading texts from my best friend after the incident in the opening scene that sets the story up.

    • Started to lose me when you hit the road. I know they are telling a different story, but I like the teenage melodrama more than anything in LiS and that isn't the focus here, but it sets the game up like it will be another game about teenage antics. Maybe pulling the rug out is intentional.


    I like the premise but its a bit hard to believe. Also don't understand motives of certain characters. There is a rich hippy travelling journalist type guy who helps you and I don't understand why he has no qualms with helping a fleeing suspect. His dialogue is confusing too, like he's giving a locker room speech in a bad sports film.

    I'm lukewarm as of now, but it has a lot of potential to suck you in.

  • I can't even believe I waited this long but I still haven't played Captain Spirit and I need to do that before I start LiS2. I already bought the season pass (I think it was initially $39 on steam when it was first listed so I'm not as upset about the price) and have installed episode 1 but I need to find the right time to play both episodes. I am blessed with boisterous three and two year old daughters and as much as I adore them, I need them to be sound asleep and have a few hours to spare before I can put on some good headphones and get lost in a LiS game. I've said this here before but I adored LiS and LiS: BTS. I am nervous that this one wont live up but I wouldnt miss it for the world.

  • PS. does anyone else have the unspoken fear that DONTNOD will go the way of Telltale? I know they haven't overextended themselves the way Telltale did, nor (from what I can tell) have such vile business and work practices, but if Telltale couldnt profit off of the walking dead, batman and guardians of the galaxy, I worry for the future of adventure games like LiS.

  • No I don’t worry about DONTNOD going under. For one, I doubt they employ hundreds of people or however many TT had.

    They license an engine instead of having to make their own. They have a big publisher helping. They probably don’t rely on sales like that. Maybe just get a fixed price for developing the game.

  • I kinda have a weird relationship with the Life is Strange series. I got the first season, played through the first episode and really enjoyed it. However I kinda dropped off and didn't go back. However I did start watching Jeese Cox and Dodger play it on youtube with my partner and loved it. Continued to watch them play before the storm and Cpt. Spirit. I now have watched them play bout 3 hours of LiS2 and my guilt is starting to set in. I kinda feel like I should buy the second season just to support the devs, even though I know I'm not going to play it. Just feels weird, I buy a lot of games, and a decent amount of them I don't get to, however I always have the intentions of playing them. If I buy LiS2 I know I won't ever play it and it feels weird to spend money on something I know from the outset im not going to play, same time I feel guilty watching a playthrough of the game. Weird.

  • Can anyone comment on the quality of the story/characters?

    I'm still holding off as the two boys don't interest me. I'd actually prefer females again to be honest.

  • @sheria

    I'm pretty indifferent about the Diaz brothers at this point. The main character Sean has a quickly believable backstory where he has a BFF named Lyla who seem very close and you just kinda believe they've been friends forever. You can also believe the relationship between Sean and his brother Daniel. Sean is a teenager and loves his brother but would obviously rather hang out with friends instead of his little kid bro.

    Premise is all there, but in terms of compelling character development - it's still not fully established by the end of chapter 1. This story is far more tragic than the melodrama in LiS and BtS. As a result, you get characters going through it in a more typical way when tragedy happens. Lots of crying and frustration. I preferred how Max, Chloe, and Rachel were all very different and had varied personalities. Sean is just a good kid. Pretty standard. Daniel has a lot of personality, but it doesn't drive the plot.

    The game sets you up to have more control over Sean than you did Max though. I think the player might control his actions a lot more than you could before. Almost on some good vs bad type stuff. Chapter 1 is basically a set-up for the rest so its hard to gauge.

    Just an fyi, the story isn't void of females or anything, Lyla is a funny, nice, and caring best friend. Lots of texts you can read from her to really get a deep sense of the characters and world. She kinda reminds me of myself around that age. But after scene one, this becomes a story of two brothers. Ancillary characters exist but they don't have any sort of sub-story or development.

  • Wow, thanks for the detailed analysis. I think I'll give it ago, though I do love melodrama.

  • @sheria

    There still is melodrama, but it isn;t as done up. There isn't an asshole like Nathan or an angsty troublemaker like Chloe. I think Ep 202 will be better. Not that this is bad, but its all set-up.

  • EZA Spoiler Mode - Life is Strange 2, Episode 1

    Up now for Patrons, $1 and above

    Curious what they say. Elyse is back to talk with Huber and Blood.

  • Finished episode 1 yesterday - this episode does a great job introducing the characters and sitting up the story, the environment looks great, the interactions between the brothers felt real, but my one issue was that some of the face movement felt weird.


    I was surprised that all three people on the spoiler mode didn't steal the tent, i mean that SOB assaulted an 8 year old and a 16 year old kids, he had it coming, on the social commentary, im not a US citizen but isn't that the sad reality of the US? I think the cop thing is over exaggerated but the rest is kinda is the truth, i mean the us president is the guy that wanted to build a wall.

  • The 2nd episode will be released in January, more details about it in mid-December. That's a gap right there.

  • Thanks for the update. I can wait, but I was just thinking the other day about how this gap feels a bit long.

    I have made a video about Life Is Strange which I've been sitting on finishing up cause my damn neighbours won't shut up so I can't get good VO, but by god I'll finish it before Episode 2 comes out and share it because my love of this series runs deep.

  • Wow, this'll take a while for the whole season to have come out.

  • That's just outright disappointing.

    This whole Episode 2 is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I was completely gripped in the teenage melodrama in the scenes leading up to the Halloween party then the game slowly started losing me as it progress onward. It's created some solid gameplay scenarios by introducing money, discovering objects along the way, super powers. Problem is that the stand out scene in Ep 1 was the gas station. That was a prime example of storytelling meshing amazingly with the new money system. Survival vs honesty vs resource management. Great stuff.

    The rest of Ep 1 and 2 is just a lot of walking around and looking at objects. We waited MONTHS for Ep 2 and it was promised to be their most ambitious but it felt like an on-rails segment through and through. It has less use of the new mechanics from Ep 1 and the story only has a few stand out moments. They've sort of missed opportunities to create tension and grip you whereas every episode of Life Is Strange 1 and BtS had this.

    I'm hoping from now until May 9th they aren't just polishing it but really working out the story, and massaging a unique twist on the adventure game. LiS1 has the time mechanic AND photography. Both compliment decision making and exploration. LiS 2 has some telekinetic super powers and an inventory/money system. Let's use these good ideas for some compelling gameplay and storytelling cause if Ep 3 is disappointing after a five month wait, that'll just be pretty aggravating as somebody who purchased the game outright in like October to support a series I've loved. The drawing minigame isn't as good as the photography minigame but I think they have enough in the core gameplay to make up for it.

    Here's to hoping.

  • Episode 3 is now out for those who have started the journey. Personally, I'm still waiting.

  • Might tag Chapter 3 onto my Silent Hill playthrough this weekend.

    Am I the only person playing along? I have nobody to talk to this game about at work or on here.

  • This game is hurting me because I love the series. It just keeps getting more and more disappointing. After playing through this short third episode, I feel like the story is just spinning its wheels and doesn't have any clear goal in sight.

    There was exactly ONE fun to remotely amusing gameplay scenario which comes in the last 10-15 minutes of the 2.5-3 hour episode. There is one quick scene where you need to gather tools with the illusion of suspense but no bad outcomes, and one final scene which can play out a few different ways, but regardless, one particular thing happens that is out of your control.

    The disappointment just keep oozing from the seams in this episode. I don't know what Don't Nod was thinking when they decided to force the player into a relationship with quite possibly the most unlikable characters possible: a bunch of lazy, dirty, stoner, hippes who just complain, sulk, and loathe. There is quite actually an entire scene where the hippies take turns complaining about their non-problems around a campfire. I assume the intent of this scene is to make Sean and Daniel's plight feel far more significant compared to the hippes, but it doesn't change the fact that you still have to sit through a bunch of complaining for like 10 minutes.

    What could be worse?

    Well... The game forces Sean (the player) to not only be friends with the hippies, but forces you to be romantically involved with them. Why would they take that element of player control away from us? What about my love for my best friend Lyla? When the chapter begins, we already have a history with the dread locked hippy girl and you only have the option to push away from her but some semblance of feelings already exist and are mentioned by the side characters. It feels not only forced but completely out of left field as this is an entirely NEW character who was only briefly introduced for 2 seconds in a scene from Episode 2. By contrast, Chloe's relationship with Rachel was on-going from the very first scene in Episode 1 in Before The Storm.

    The gameplay in this episode isn't interesting either. There is a chopping weed mini-game, and later you move water jugs across the camp, then finally there is one sort of "investigation" part at the very end. That's it... that's... it?! This again, is quite possibly the most boring the series has gotten so far.

    I have to say, they may have missed the mark entirely on this sequel. We are 50% through and it feels aimless, almost as though they are writing the plot extremely close to the release. I reeeealllly hope they hone this story with the next two episodes, but the quality of Ep 2 and especially Ep 3 have taken a nose dive compared to Episode 1.


    The silver lining...

    It seems as though Ep 4 is going to be a lone wolf story, which would also go along with the wolf motif. I like Daniel, but I can do without his emotions being the climatic crux of every episode. Lets learn more about Sean on his own.