Life is Strange 2 (PS4/XBO/PC)

  • Since my last post, I have played through episodes 1-4. Gonna try to get through 5 sometime this weekend. I have honestly loved most of it so far. I think many of @DIPSET 's points are valid. It does not have quite the urgency and direction of the first game (no apocalypic world event on the horizon) and some of the supporting characters are douchey, but I actually think that serves more to focus on the brothers' relationship and solidify the fact that they are the constant against a moving backdrop of people who flit in and out of their lives. I do wish they had brought Lyla back in some way as she seemed to be another emotional nexus for both boys but she's tossed away with your cellphone in episode 1/2 (again, haven't played 5). I would say it is on par, but not better than, the first LiS overall. I am glad that they tried something different rather than just repeat what worked last time.) In both games, I do wish they sortof explained the nature of the powers. As it is, Max can control time and Daniel has telekenesis because reasons. If nothing else, I'm definitely excited to see where they go with LiS3. Anyway, I'll update this with my final impressions after I play episode 5.

  • Actually went ahead and played episode 5 and finished it today. One last observation: I think more than any other game of this type, the ending felt like MY ending based on choices I made throughout the 5 episodes. The original LiS came down to a binary decision that determined which of two endings you got, no matter how you played the game up until that point. LiS2 factors player choice into its conclusion more than any other adventure game I am aware of. From what I understand, there are up to 7 endings possible based on what kind of example you set for Daniel throughout the series. I am not even inclined to youtube the other 6 endings because they feel like they belong to someone else. I am content with how my playthrough ended because it was consistent with my Sean and Daniel. I think Dontnod should be commended for that.