What's Your Opinion On Annual Games?

  • @jamie2k01 it's been getting better since 2012

  • I don't really play sports games, so I don't think I play any. Even the annual games I'd think of aren't really annual since different teams are working on different entries to make them release annually. Closest I guess I've got is Splatoon with the second game coming out 2 years after the first, and I'm definitely not tired of it yet.

  • I always end up buying CoD sooner or later just to try out their singleplayer campaigns (haven't got around to Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare), but i did buy CoD WW2 at launch (haven't done that since Black Ops) just because i believed it to be something different, and it kinda was. Loved the campaign and multiplayer of that game, probably my favorite CoD in recent years.

    I guess my opinion is that i gladly skip over less interesting titles in an annual franchise, in CoD's case i skipped Ghosts, AW, and IW (regretted that i played Ghosts).

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    I don't play sports games unless it is something like Everybody's Golf or Mario Tennis, so a lot of the annual stuff misses me.
    Sometimes I'll get caught up in it, like how I bought, played, and loved the heck out of every Assassins Creed up until about Revelations where I found the formula was getting a bit stale. Same with Destiny. By the end, that game was great. Knew better than to get Destiny 2 upfront though. Forsaken is Destiny 2's Taken King, which is where D1 got real juicy, so I'm thinking i might hop back in now. Can't resist that sweet Bungie gunplay.

  • I love playing FIFA but I've only bought two versions over the last 10 years and that's more than enough, so yeah not a fan, and it was that specifically, that made me lose all interest in Assassins Creed, which I initially really cared for.

  • @el-shmiablo i am not giving Bungie any more money

  • @the_andredal Yeah, 2014 was apparently quite a good game in the PS3. I might go to CeX later and see if I can find it there, last I checked the latest one there was like 2013...

    I wanted 2012 because it was the last game with the original ML players...

  • They are useless. good games need good development time. annualized franchise always ruined a franchise.

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    Annual games kinda turn me off. I can see why some people love it (like the kind that only buy that game a year kinda). Its just not for me, even if there are different studios doing the series i.e CoD, it just gets too milked out. Its like eating same meal all the time.

  • I only like annual games because as people switch to newer games then the older games suddenly better, I felt that since like the last 4-5 years and that is the only reason I like annual games lol

  • I always feel like a dumbass when I buy the latest WWE game and never buy them at more than $30, usually months down the road when the next years one is already announced. Outside of that I rarely buy annual games and when I do it's almost always because something caught my eye AND was pretty cheap (for example I only got NHL '18 a month ago because it was $11 on PSN) and even then, again it's usually a year or two out of date at that point.

    I don't think I'll ever buy an annual game that I'm supposed to replace every year for the sake of online, though. You're already paying $60 annually for PS+ or XBL and more often than not it doesn't feel worth it at all as is, why pay another $60 on top of that?

  • Sports games aren't really my thing. Sometimes I stop and think for a while the people who buy the annual NHL every time, but sure, why not, if they like it that way.

    I'd really like to jump in on a WWE game at some point again (I have WWE 2K14 the latest), but I don't really ever see them on sale, or then there's critique about how this one's actually really horrible because of x, and suddenly a new one is already in the horizon. It's a difficult cycle and I can't seem to find the right spot to jump in.

    Assassin's Creed can be my annual series, I basically love them all. At least I have them all. It's this kind of constant every Q4. Although not the kind of game this thread is about.

  • @jamie2k01 PES is the game i play the most each year

  • Annual games aren't really great, for me, but that's because I play a bunch of games every year. While I dislike them, I have tried to remember that plenty of people only ever buy that one sports game or fps shooter that they love every year and that the small improvements are worth it for them. If I only bought one game a year, I don't think I would mind annual releases.

  • @sentinel-beach i only buy WWE games on sale and later in the year. Because i know there's no point in me getting them new