Where to give Feedback for EZA shows?

  • It has come to my attention that it's could be hard to figure out which allies prefer which method of communication.
    As far as I can tell, these are the current preferred methods for giving feedback for each show:

    Podcast Love & Respect (Q&A): Patreon - Bosman posts a request for questions on Patreon for L&R usually on the midday of the shoot day (the day of the Group Stream on Tuesday).
    Podcast Corrections: Twitter ??? - I tried Patreon and Twitter, but my correction didn't make it. I guess it was just not selected, though I'm curious what Bosman actually uses.
    Cup of Jones: Patreon - Post questions in the current episode for Brandon to answer in the next episode.
    Frame Trap: Email - Ben says to submit questions at askeasyallies@gmail.com.
    Huber Syndrome: Twitter ??? - I'm not sure on this one, but Huber has mentioned replying to his twitter. I'm guessing replying to when he posts about his episode of Huber Syndrome.
    Tabletop Escapades: ??? ??? ??? I think Ben gets feedback as some episodes indicate.
    Community Comments: Patreon - Reply to the post asking for questions. Only available for $10 and up Patrons.
    Patron Q&A: Patreon - Reply to the post asking for questions. Only available for $20 and up Patrons.

    Again, this is what I researched on how Allies want their feedback. I do feel like Patreon should be the main method of getting feedback, but I understand it's gating feedback to patrons, which might be fair. It would be better and more clear to consolidate the communication to one tool so we don't have to be all over the place, so this is just my concern for the EZA crew. Maybe they can give this some thought.

    Another sidenote, I understand Patreon is where the feedback should be for patrons, but I'm hoping the forums get some love as Patreon posts easily gets hundred and more posts than the forum thread.

  • I couldn't agree more. They really should start to proactively solicit community feedback on the forums. That's what they're here for. I think they should also standardize where feedback should be submitted. Like all in the forums, or all in Patreon, otherwise people are just going to keep guessing.

  • @ParkPants I think feedback is a great tool for improvement, but don't agree that they should be actively soliciting it. As a Patreon-backed project, EZA is in a weird spot where the patrons are, for all intents and purposes, the "boss" as they are paying to have the shows and streams produced. But at the same time, if you're just paying to have someone say and do whatever you want, I think these are the wrong guys to be paying. I am a supporter because I love what these guys do and I will continue to support them as long as they continue to do "them". If they start bending to the wills of whoever happens to have the cash on hand, I'd personally see it as a betrayal of why EZA was started in the first place.

  • @Dirokia We're not really talking about feedback like telling them what to improve.

    I'm mainly pointing out where to submit questions for Q&A and all that.