Platinum Rush: Rayon Riddles; an apology

  • So seeing as it's kind of (actually entirely) my fault that Kyle tried to Platinum Rush Rayon Riddles today I just wanted to apologise!

    Firstly Calendar for macOS for some mad reason defaults timezone support to off, meaning my alert for the stream was off by 12 hours so I missed it live. I had so hoped to be on live to help out, and could have apologised there.

    Second because it was ultimately futile; Try Hard does indeed seem to be bugged on PS4. I'm not sure who found a discussion on the topic as I looked everywhere and still can't find it. Gutted that Platinum is currently impossible as a result, but the developers are really friendly and helpful so I've sent a message to see if they're able to push out a patch for that.

    If they do then I will make doubly sure of the timing so that I can actually be around next time, as there were a bunch of things I could have helped with.

    The Pebblehenge trophy for example that Kyle gave up on, is possible, but requires two attempts as you need to add 12 pebbles total, but there's already one on there that the game doesn't seem to account for. Fortunately the counter doesn't reset between attempts, so restarting and throwing another pebble or two on there triggers it. The other trophies should definitely be possible.

    In my defence though, I did indeed 100% the game on Steam (so the guide is still perfectly applicable to the Steam version):

    Even so, I hang my head in shame at my failures on this, and throw myself to the judgement of the EZA community!