Are There Any Genre's You Just Can't Get Into?

  • For me it's puzzle games, point and Click and platformers. I don't know really why. But it's just games i can't really get into. There were more platformers when i was younger, but i never gravitated to them then either. Any kind of game you guys just can't get into in gaming?

  • Horror. From the least to most scariest, i just can't handle them for too long and at one point i'll stop playing the game because of it. The only horror game i actually finished was Silent Hill Shattered Memories, but i played it on my PSP so it decreased the scare factor drastically. My latest attempts are:

    1. REmake. After the first hour it dawned to me how complex this game can be. Learning to dodge the zombies was super satisfying though.
    2. RE 4. The environments made me really uncomfortable, but the fun (and kinda addicting) gunplay kept me until the fourth hour.

    Also, turn-based RPGs can be really hard for me to enjoy, mostly because of random encounters.

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    Yea can't stand puzzle games

  • "Walking Sims" - I haven't tried them all but Everybody's Gone to the Rapture felt like I was watching a movie that, instead of transitions, followed the uneventful movements of characters from one location to another.

    Visual Novels - Again, I have not played many but Danganronpa, for example, was very linear and did not include enough of what I would consider gameplay to keep me interested.

  • Musou games look insane to me. There are like 200 enemies around you, but only four of them attack you. The rest stand still and wait for you to punish them. Without then showing any reaction to the attacks you inflict on them.

  • JRPGs: Never been a fan of turn-based combat, plus a lot of the conventions for plot and characters in typical JRPGS are definitely not for me.
    Puzzle: I am awful at them.
    Visual Novels: Feels like there's not much in the way of gameplay for these and for me, gameplay is usually king.

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    RTS. I'm just terrible at them. Oddly enough I am also terrible at fighting games but love those.

  • RPGs at the moment but that’s because I never really tried.

  • @bam541 that's one i forgot, i don't think mechanics in those games are good imho. That's why i never play them either. I just don't like horror in general. I like a few movies in that genre, but not a lot of them

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    Sports games are hard. I mean like Fifa, Madden etc, I just cant. It might be because Im not into other than motorsport normally.

  • @sentinel-beach I recommend Sengoku Basara or Senran Kagura. Enemies are more aggressive by comparison to the usual Dynasty Warriors games. For enemies to even bother attacking you, you have to play on Hard or the hardest difficulty.

    Open World Games. They have all become stale and formulaic. Giving me all of this freedom doesn't make it any less linear or tedious.

    Walking Simulators - I am a gameplay person.

    JRPG/WRPG - I don't have the time nor patience for them anymore. I was never huge fan of them to begin with some major exceptions.

    Any realistic sports games. Bring back arcade sports titles damn it!

    Gears of War clones - They've worn our their welcome. Vanquish is the exception.

  • @sentinel-beach I've only played two or three musous but they're very "turn your brain off" games in my experience. Sometimes it's fun to just zone out and mow down armies of enemies.

    @brawlman Are the enemies more aggressive in Shinovi Versus than Estival Versus? Since it's been a while since I played EV but I don't remember them being all that aggressive.

  • @hanabi Sadly, I wouldn't know because I never bothered to get a Vita.

  • Traditional Sports meh
    Trivia as my memory is bad
    Racing if they aren't arcade style
    MMOs because they're second jobs
    Gory Horror but I love Psychological Horror
    Real-time Strategy because I get overwhelmed
    Tower Defense since they feel like escort missions
    MOBAs because I get real bored after afew matches
    Competitive Fighting or ones with complicated inputs
    Intricate Simulation because I simply don't find them fun

  • Traditional sports games like Madden or NBA Live or whatever, stuff like NBA Jam, Blitz, Mario Golf, Golf Story I do adore though
    MMO's, While I did play alot of Runescape in Middle school (like at school) they never hook me for all that long. Granted I'm thinking of hopping back into FF14 some time in the near future

  • Caveat, I am NOT a visual novel fan but for those who mentioned they cant get into them, might I recommend Supergiant game's latest effort, Pyre. It has enough gameplay to be more than a visual novel but the less interactive bits are so well done (art, writing, music) that I can almost see the allure of a well done visual novel. With that said, I am still not a fan of the genre lol. But Pyre...

  • @ozymandsss I didn't know that, my interest has been piqued.

  • RPG.

    Never understood what is so good about them. most of RPGs have terrible gameplay mechanics. and having dialouges and choices donot make game fun.

  • Sports Management.

    I used to have a friend who would spend 8 odd hours at a time faffing with football manager, even when I was around for a drink and to socialise. What a fucking snorefest.

  • First person shooters Generic muscle bound solder guy kills lots of generic enemies with unlimited check points and story you know whats gonna happen before you even start playing